what channel is the rugby world cup on

Rugby World Cup is the third largest sports event globally, attracting a vast audience of millions of fans worldwide. Given its immense popularity, the broadcasting rights are highly sought after and are shared by several channels across the globe to ensure the maximum reach. This article will provide insight into the broadcasting of the Rugby World Cup and detail various channels where fans can enjoy this much-awaited sporting event.

Understanding the Broadcasting of Rugby World Cup

The broadcasting of the Rugby World Cup involves a highly sophisticated process. Given the global appeal of the event, World Rugby, the sport’s international governing body, partners with various broadcasting entities around the world to ensure the tournament is accessible to fans everywhere. They sell broadcasting rights regionally, with different channels obtaining the rights to air the tournament in various parts of the world. The aim is to reach as many viewers as possible, and hence, the matches are broadcasted on both free-to-air and subscription-based platforms.

The process of acquiring the broadcasting rights for the Rugby World Cup is competitive and involves significant investment. The bids for the broadcasting rights are evaluated based on various factors such as the broadcaster’s reach, proposed coverage, and financial offer. Once a broadcaster secures the rights, they are responsible for producing high-quality, comprehensive coverage of the matches. This process ensures that fans around the globe can experience the thrill and excitement of the Rugby World Cup in high definition.

Channels Airing the Rugby World Cup Globally

Different channels broadcast the Rugby World Cup in various regions. In the United Kingdom, for example, ITV holds the rights to broadcast the tournament. This means that fans can watch the games on any ITV channel, or stream them online via the ITV Hub. In Ireland, the rights are held by RTÉ and Eir Sport. New Zealand fans can catch all the action on TVNZ and Spark Sport, while in Australia, the coverage is shared by Fox Sports and Network Ten.

For fans in the United States, NBC Sports holds the broadcasting rights, allowing fans to watch the matches on NBC, NBCSN, and the NBC Sports app. In France, fans can watch the tournament on TF1. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the broadcasting rights are held by SuperSport. Across multiple countries in Asia, including Japan, the host nation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the games were broadcasted on J Sports, NHK, and Nippon TV. It is important for viewers to check their local listings as the broadcasting rights can vary and change per tournament.

As the Rugby World Cup continues to grow in popularity, so does its global reach. Understanding how the broadcasting rights work and knowing which channel to tune into is crucial for fans all over the world to follow the matches. With broadcasting rights distributed to various channels across the globe, fans can enjoy all the action from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Remember, the rights can change per tournament, so it’s important to stay updated to not miss any of the thrilling moments of the Rugby World Cup.