watching for the chance of rain and snow

Watching for the chance of rain and snow

watching for the chance of rain and snow


COLUMN-Brazil’s hydro power adds to global gas surplus: Kemp

Brazil’s gas imports fell to their lowest level for two decades in 2023 as its brimming hydroelectric reservoirs and rapid wind and solar deployment hit thermal power demand. Imports were the lowest since 2003, National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels data shows, at 6.5 billion cubic metres (228 billion cubic feet) in 2023, from 9 billion cubic metres in 2022 and 16.9 billion cubic metres in 2021. Volumes have been trending steadily lower since 2015, apart from a brief surge in 2021 when Brazil turned to gas-fired power to make up for the loss of hydroelectric due to severe drought.


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