Stuttgart scores points against Cologne

stuttgart scores points against cologne

Last Update: 24.02.2024 19: 26

VfB Stuttgart achieved a home victory against the 1. FC Köln missed out.

After the 1-1 (0-0), VfB remains in third place in the table, ahead of Borussia Dortmund. Köln increased their lead somewhat on the direct relegation ranks, but remain in the relegation place.

Cologne starts well, Stuttgart then consider

The Kölners had the First Chance: Jan Thielmann had a clear path after an assist from Rasmus Carstensen and shot from the half-right Position – but VfB goalkeeper Fabian Bredlow parried (3. Minutes).

As a result, Stuttgart was clearly superior, but came to only a few real scoring chances, which Woo-yeong Jeong (14.) and Enzo Millot (23.) forgave.

Millot scores Stuttgart 1-0, but Cologne answers

The colognes also started a little better in the second half. However, Stuttgart scored the lead: Ex-Cologne Chris Führich played double pass with Hiroki Ito and put the Ball into the center from the left, where Millot only had to execute (53.). But the FC found an answer: Linton Maina flanked after an actually deflected corner ball from the right side, Eric Martel took the Ball with the left and scored with the right (62.).

“Of course we would have liked a different result and above all I would have liked us to play better”, said Stuttgart coach Sebastian Hoeneß at the Ard microphone: “We then make the gate, but then we missed something. There was a lack of precision and pressure.”

Cologne coach Timo Schultz explained at the Sportschau microphone: “For morality, this is an exceptional point.” His team has invested a lot.

Cologne vs Leverkusen, VfB has to go to Wolfsburg

The 1. FC Köln expects Bayer 04 Leverkusen on Sunday next week (03.03.2024) for the Rhine duel. VfB Stuttgart plays on Saturdays (18.30) at VfL Wolfsburg.

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