Sports show Expert Bastian Schweinsteiger: “Toni Kroos led the team”

Last Update: 24.03.2024 20: 10

The victory of the German national team in France has also caused satisfaction among sports show Expert Bastian Schweinsteiger. His game analysis mainly knows a winner.

Of course, Bastian Schweinsteiger also let himself be infected a bit by the newly emerged euphoria. The 2:0 of the German national team against France on Saturday evening (23.03.2024) in Lyons has probably surprised the entire (football)Nation and given new food to the delicate hope of a successful European Championship.

The 39-year-old sports show Expert got into a real crush the day after. “That we managed to play at the high level for over 95 minutes, that was nice to see” Schweinsteiger said in an exclusive conversation with the Sports Show – and almost seemed a little relieved.

“There have been moments in the past games where you played well for 45 minutes, but then again you didn’t play well for 30 minutes. And we didn’t have such fluctuations against France now”, according to Schweinsteiger.

Nagelsmann made the right decision

The Test match against the French and the upcoming match against the Netherlands next Tuesday (26.03.2024) was and still is a good opportunity to dispel the bad mood around the DFB Team and to ignite a spirit of optimism that was hardly considered possible about three months before the start of the summer tournament. “And now we have to see that we can take this positive Spirit with us. Of course, it would be even better if we could win against the Netherlands.”, according to Schweinsteiger.

There are several reasons for this amazingly confident success against the Vice-World Champion for the sports show Expert. On the one hand, the player selection of the National Coach is a decisive aspect. “Julian Nagelsmann was thinking after the games against Turkey or against Austria, whether perhaps a major change is necessary. And I think he’s made the right decision to look at Performance right now.”, according to Schweinsteiger.

Stability and tranquility

On the other hand, Nagelsmann said These players such as full-back Maximilian Mittelstädt (“We need players like that in the tournament.”) or also used playmaker Toni Kroos, who returned from retirement after his retirement, in exactly the positions where they have their strengths, “where they are best.”

For his former teammate Kroos, with whom he won the World Cup title in Brazil in 2014, Schweinsteiger still had a separate praise left. “He played a very good game. He led the team. He showed his qualities again with Ball. He had a presence on the field.”, said The Sports show Expert. Most importantly, he has the whole Team. “a certain stability and calm in certain situations” given.

Netherlands A Top Team

However, Schweinsteiger also warns against believing that all the problems of the previous months have suddenly been wiped away. “Of course you have to distinguish that France plays differently than our group opponents Hungary, Switzerland or Scotland”, according to the former world-class player. Against these opponents, who will act much more defensively, many creative solutions are required, which have often faltered in the past. “It will be different.”

Now the main thing is to preserve the good feeling that the game left the German team and the German football Fans against the Netherlands, at best even to increase. “I expect a team that will defend better as a team against the Ball, against us, and I’m curious if we will find our solutions again. In terms of quality, the Netherlands is already among the top five in Europe”, said Schweinsteiger.

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