RB Leipzig wins against Union Berlin: end of a crisis?

rb leipzig wins against union berlin end of a crisis

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Three games, three losses-RB Leipzig did not fare well in the Bundesliga this year. Then on Sunday (04.02.2024) the 1. FC Union Berlin an.

Leipzig won on 20 September. Matchday of the Football Bundesliga 2: 0 (1: 0), the goals were scored by Loïs Openda (11. Minute) and Benjamin Sesko (48.). For the Leipziger it was an important victory, and it was the first points in the league in 2024. Previously, RB had lost three times in a row in January. “We are glad that after not very easy weeks we have brought a success experience again”, said Leipzig coach Marco Rose in an Interview with ARD Radio.

In the table, Leipzig (36 points) remains fifth in the table, but benefits from the slip of the fourth Borussia Dortmund (37 points). Union Berlin remains in 15th place, now only two points ahead of 1st place. FC Köln.

“Of course you may be disappointed today, but Wednesday is already the next task”, Berlin’s Co-coach Marie-Louise ETA told ARD Radio. You represents the suspended head coach Nenad Bjelica in these weeks, he will also in the catch-up of the 18th century. Matchdays on Wednesday (07.02.2024) at 1. FSV Mainz 05 sitting in the stands.

Leipzig’s Openda meets and meets and meets

The lead for Leipzig fell after Xavi Simons took a free kick to the second post. Via Willi Orban and Benjamin Henrichs, the Ball came somewhat happily to Openda, who hit into the long corner from an acute angle. For the Belgian Openda it was already Goal Number 14 of the season. He scored with it in the third league match in a row. “We knew Union was hard to play.”, Leipzig’s coach told ARD Radio: “The quick goal helped us.”

Not much was missing, and Openda would have hit again just four minutes later. Dani Olmo conjured a pass to Openda, who completed directly, but failed to Alexander Shvolov in the goal of Union. On the sideline, an assistant indicated offside, but offside it was not. A goal would presumably have been checked by the VAR and then counted.

Schwolow keeps Union in the game-and then has no chance

Nevertheless, Leipzig’s lead at the break could have been higher. Union Berlin was lucky in extra time, when Schwolow, who was in goal for the sick Frederik Rönnow, strongly parried a header from Sesko (45.+2).

At the beginning of the second half, there were two more duels between Leipzig striker Sesko and Berlin’s Schwolow, and the goalkeeper was without a Chance: first, David Raum drew a free kick to the first post, where Sesko came unhindered to the header. For Sesko, it was the fifth goal of the season. Then Sesko hit again, only he stood in the sidelines (59.). The hit didn’t count.

Leipzig’s Olmo makes the “Rabona”

But you still won’t forget the assist: Dani Olmo flanked, he pulled the kick leg behind the support leg, so he hit the Ball. In football, this is called “Rabona”. The Trick is demanding, in the circle League it rarely leads to success, rather it leads to injury.

Schwolow directs Xavi Simons ‘ shot to the crossbar

But even with a two-goal lead, RB Leipzig played like a team that could qualify for the Champions League. They were often at the Ball, and not infrequently they knew something to do with it. Once the television cameras caught coach Rose, he raised his thumb. He did not look dissatisfied. He had no reason to either. His team almost scored a goal in injury time, but a shot from Xavi Simons wiped Schwolow to the crossbar.

Red vs. Union Trimmel

And the 1. FC Union, itself a Champions League participant this season, played like a team that has to worry about remaining in the league this season. Who plays a different football after the change of coach to Nenad Bjelica, who last won games with it. But against Leipzig she was far from a victory. They hardly ever had good chances. And the scene with Christopher Trimmel also suited that evening.

It ran the 73. Minute, when Trimmel started on the outside line to the Grätsche. He screamed to hit the Ball, that’s it. But he didn’t hit the Ball with his grappling, he just hit opponent David Raum. Referee Marco Fritz showed Trimmel Red.

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