why do barca players get injured 1

Why do Barça players get injured?

why do barca players get injured

Barça played its first official match of 2024 on January 4th in Las Palmas. Since that day and until today, almost a month later, five of the players in the group led by Xavi Hernández have suffered muscle injuries, something that makes it very difficult for the template to offer optimal performance.

The first to fall was Iñigo Martínez. The center was injured a few minutes after entering the field the same day he reappeared. It was on January 8 in Barbastro and he suffered an injury to the biceps femoris of his left leg from which he has already recovered. Raphinha was the second on the list. He was injured in the Super Cup semi-final against Osasuna on January 11. He suffered the same injury as Iñigo Martínez and the same one he had suffered in 2023. More serious was the injury suffered by Alejandro Balde last 25th in the Cup match against Athletic. His tear in the hamstring tendon of his right thigh has meant that he had to go through the operating room and say goodbye to the season. A day later it was Sergi Roberto who had to stop because of some discomfort in the Achilles tendon that keeps him off. The last one to fall was Ferran Torres. The one from Foios had to leave the field on Wednesday as soon as the match against Osasuna started. He injured the biceps femoris in his right leg and will be out for a month.

Raphinha, en el momento de su lesión contra Osasuna

Raphinha, at the time of his injury against Osasuna / Valentí Enrich

The calendar

In the coaching staff there is concern about having suffered all these injuries in a short space of time, injuries that are diminishing the squad. They know that some eyes have been directed towards the physical preparation that Iván Torres directs and towards the work that the group does, but they are clear that the explanation for so much injury during this first month of 2024 is elsewhere. To begin with, in the calendar. Barça, between January 4th in Las Palmas and this Saturday, February 3rd in Vitoria, will have played a whopping ten matches. In addition, due to the circumstances surrounding the group and the obligation of the results, all of them very important.

In the coaching staff, there is also some discomfort with the choice of schedules by LaLiga. They explain, for example, that having played this Wednesday against Osasuna they could play against Alaves on Sunday taking into account that next week is free and thus have one more day of rest. Instead, they play on a Saturday. In this regard, they emphasize that Barça will play the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals in Naples on Wednesday, February 21 at nine o’clock at night. For this reason, they had requested LaLiga to play the match of matchday 26 against Getafe on Sunday, but the management has placed it on Saturday at 16.15 in the afternoon.

Iñigo Martínez se lesiona con el FC Barcelona

Iñigo Martínez is injured with FC Barcelona / Javi Ferrándiz


To the great accumulation of matches in this last month, with ten played in 31 days, stand out from the coaching staff as a negative factor and that the fact that he has played only two of those ten matches in Montjuïc has had an influence on the injuries, the last two against Villarreal and Osasuna. So many trips lead to much fewer hours of rest for footballers and an increased risk of injuries.

Short template

Another of the points that the coaching staff points out as the cause of the injuries suffered by the squad is the accumulation of minutes in the legs that many footballers have had during these matches as a consequence of having a short squad and also of constantly playing finals. Ferran Torres, for example, has participated in all nine matches played in this 2024. He started in the first seven and Xavi decided to rest him against Villarreal, but the result forced him to jump on the field in the 58th minute with 0-2 on the scoreboard. He broke down four days later against Osasuna. Balde, on the other hand, and before breaking down in Bilbao, had played every minute in five of the six matches played by Barça in 2024, resting alone in Barbastro because of a virus. With a short squad, the obligation to always win and injured players, Xavi has not been able to rotate as much as he would have liked.

Alejandro Balde, en el momento de su lesión

Alejandro Balde, at the time of his injury / VALENTI ENRICH

And from the coaching staff they also point out a fact for all those who say that Barça does not train. Since the group returned to training after the Christmas break on December 29, it has still not had a day off. The first one will be on Monday, February 5th. 

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