Square in “disastrous condition” – Saarbrücken vs Gladbach cancelled

square in disastrous condition saarbrucken vs gladbach cancelled

Last Update: 07.02.2024 22: 31

The last quarter-final in the DFB-Pokal between the 1. FC Saarbrücken and Borussia Mönchengladbach have been cancelled shortly before the scheduled kick-off.

The pitch conditions in the Ludwigsparkstadion did not allow a regular match to be played on Wednesday evening (07.02.2024), the German Football Association said.

Referee Badstübner: “Disastrous State”

“When you see the pitch, you can’t play on it. The risk of injury was too great for me“, said referee Florian Badstübner shortly after the cancellation: “The place is in a disastrous state.” 

“Saarbrücken tried everything so that we could play. There was a lot of staff on the pitch to somehow clear the pitch of water, but they didn’t make it.”, Badstübner continued: “Then when warming up, you saw how the players warmed up at only one point, no matter how broken the pitch is. Then it was clear, we can not play.”

Players warmed up

Large pools of water had formed on the lawn of the Saarbrücken Ludwigsparkstadion during continuous torrential rain. Helpers tried to dry the place with leaf blowers, which ultimately did not succeed sufficiently.

Helpers try to get the water from the pitch in the Ludwigsparkstadion with leaf blowers

Referee Badstübner initially sent both Teams to the field to warm up, but seven minutes before the scheduled kick-off at 20.45 O’clock, the cancellation followed under the whistles of the Fans. The Gladbach supporters fired pyrotechnics.

“The process was completely fine because you have to try everything. In the Kreisliga the game would probably have been canceled much faster”, said Gladbach’s sporting director Roland Virkus: “The guys came in and said that there are places in it, they don’t go at all at the best of their will. And the weather conditions are even worse.”

Draw on Saturday

According to the DFB, a catch-up date should be announced as soon as possible. “They don’t play internationally, so I think we’ll find a date.”, said Virkus. Saarbrücken’s sporting director Jürgen Luginger stated: “We are trying to repeat it in a timely manner. But it’s still raining the next few days, so I don’t know if next week is already an Option.”

The draw on Saturday will take place as planned at 23 O’clock in the ZDF sports studio. In the pot are then Bayer Leverkusen, Fortuna Düsseldorf, the 1. FC Kaiserslautern and one double (Saarbrücken / Mönchengladbach).

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