nfls brazil game will be week 1 and eagles will be home team

NFL’s Brazil game will be Week 1, and Eagles will be home team

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the NFL's first-ever regular season game in Brazil during Week 1 of the 2024 season. (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS — Six days before the NFL plays on its biggest stage, commissioner Roger Goodell revealed new details about a game looming on a new stage.

The NFL’s debut in South America will arrive on opening weekend of the 2024 season. The Philadelphia Eagles will host a game on Friday night, Sept. 6 at the Sao Paolo, Brazil-based Corinthians Arena.

“We are incredibly enthusiastic about our growth on a global basis,” Goodell said Monday afternoon from his State of the Union address ahead of the Super Bowl at the Las Vegas Raiders‘ Allegiant Stadium. “We are convinced we can be a global sport in the near future.”

The league has yet to play an international game opening weekend. But as it expands from a four-game international slate (not including the Jaguars’ standing contest at Wembley Stadium in England) to an eight-game slate, the time slots of the contests will diversify as well.

“We think this is giving us an ability to access more fans not just in the states but on a global basis,” Goodell said.

The NFL will continue to host its opening-season game on Thursday night before the Eagles’ Friday contest. Opening weekend will continue into Sunday and Monday slates.

NFL games will also return to London and Munich.


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