National coach Nagelsmann-little time, many construction sites

Last Update: 18.03.2024 23: 17

The last DFB Training Course before the start of the European football championship has begun. National coach Julian Nagelsmann has changed the squad a lot. The 36-year-old has little time for the restart of his team.

The beginning of this week of Service at the German Football Association (DFB) was relaxed for Julian Nagelsmann. While his national players gradually checked into a hotel in Neu-Isenburg on Monday (18.03.2024), the National Coach traveled to the Rhineland-Palatinate province with DFB sports director Rudi Völler to tune in young Fans to Euro 2024 at the Essenheim primary school.

While Völler was sweating from writing autographs, Nagelsmann was clearly delighted with the enthusiasm that the little football fans showed 83 days before the start of the home European Championship. “I hope that after this course it will end as well as it started today” the 36-year-old said.

Only this Performance principle gilt

However, the challenges that await Nagelsmann are not exactly small. And this is connected not only with the upcoming Test matches against such prestigious opponents as France (Saturday at 21 in Lyon) and the Netherlands (Tuesday at 20.45 in Frankfurt). There is a noticeable tension in the air around the DFB team.

On the one hand, there are the poor results against Austria (0:2) and Turkey (2:3), which continue to have an effect on public perception. On the other hand, Nagelsmann has taken almost no account of big names in his squad composition. The National Coach has taken the performance principle alone as a guideline.

National Team Dates
23.03.24 France Lyons
26.03.24 Netherlands Frankfurt
14.06.24 Scotland Munich (EM)
19.06.24 Hungary Stuttgart (EM
23.06.24 Switzerland Frankfurt (EM)

International inexperienced players

What at first glance seems like a logical step after the often weak performances of the DFB eleven of the previous months, however, also harbors dangers. Nagelsmann must be able to put together this newly assembled team in the best possible way within a very short time with just a few training sessions.

With Alexander Pavlovic (acute infection, probably still traveling), Maximilian Mittelstädt, Waldemar Anton, Jan-Niklas Beste, Maximilian Beier and Deniz Undav, there are six national team novices who are in Top form in the Bundesliga, but who have no or very little international experience. Chris Führich can only refer to a short assignment in national dress last October against the USA.

“It’s not about having the 20 Best of the most famous clubs, it’s about having the 20 that fit together best.”, Nagelsmann said at the introduction of his squad with many unknowns.

Defence and hierarchy

In addition, the Football teacher has to assemble a midfield around returner Toni Kroos that can set accents in the offense, but at the same time is so stable defensively to be competitive at the highest international level. Especially the defensive work of the DFB-Elf has always been a cause for great concern in the recent past.

In addition, during the eight days of the course, something like a new hierarchy will also have to form, especially since Captain Ilkay Gündogan gets a very experienced and significantly higher decorated player with Kroos.

New energy through Competition

Julian Nagelsmann has announced a new competition for the home European Championship and now has to start in the next few hours and days to direct the additional energy of the players into the right sporting paths.

It should therefore hardly be as relaxed and contemplative as in the primary school in Essenheim in the coming days for the National Coach.

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