Mönchengladbach and St. Pauli for new vote

monchengladbach and st pauli for new vote

Last Update: 16.02.2024 15: 24

With Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC St. Pauli, two other clubs have spoken out in favor of a new vote on the possible entry of investors into the DFL.

“In general, a secret vote is not a devil’s thing and not a mistake,” said Borussia Mönchengladbach’s managing director Stephan Schippers on Friday (16.02.2024) in an Interview published by the club.

“But if it is above all this point where the minds rub so hard, then we also have no Problem voting again on whether we want to release the DFL Presidium from the final mandate granted in December-and make this vote open, transparent and comprehensible for everyone,” said Schippers. Gladbach will work for this after intensive discussions with his fan scene. Gladbach voted “Yes” in December.

Also St. Pauli speaks up for a new Voting process aus

The 1. FC Köln had announced on Thursday that they would submit a request,”to free the DFL Presidium from the final mandate granted by the General Meeting“. The decision will go back to the 36 clubs.

The logo of FC St. Pauli am Millerntor

This proposal was also referred to by FC St. Pauli. You have “long before the 1. FC Köln put exactly this proposal into circulation at a DFL presidium meeting-and already on 19 June 2017. December 2023“, the blog “MillernTon” quotes the Second Division Player. So the club is also in favor of restarting the voting process. St. Pauli’s President Oke Göttlich is part of the DFL Presidium.

St. Pauli: “it exists Reservations of credibility”

The approval for the possible entry of investors took place at the general meeting of the DFL on April 11. 2023 with the smallest necessary majority of 24 of the 36 clubs. Martin Kind, majority shareholder of Hannover 96, may have voted “yes” at the time and thus against the instructions of the parent club.

Several clubs and fan scenes see suspicions that this violated the 50+1 rule. Because the right of direction by The Parent Association is the core of this rule, it is intended to ensure the decision-making power for the parent association. St. Pauli said that “there are great moral and credibility reservations about the vote“.

More and more clubs are calling for a new vote

Meanwhile, club representatives from a total of ten clubs from the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga for a new vote, or at least openly shown for it. Claus Vogt, President of VfB Stuttgart, promoted it. Clubs such as Hansa Rostock and Karlsruhe SC also spoke out in favor-all three clubs had voted “yes” according to their own statements. With Union Berlin, Eintracht Braunschweig and Hertha BSC, Cologne and St. Pauli joined three other of the clubs who had made their refusal public. VfL Osnabrück, which had announced an abstention, also spoke out in favour of a new vote.

There is no consensus on this issue. Eintracht Frankfurt CEO Axel Hellmann, who is also a member of the DFL executive committee, rejected a new vote. Many other clubs see it that way. “We currently see no reason to allow another Democratic vote to follow“, Borussia Dortmund said in response to a request from the magazine “11 Friends”, which surveyed all 36 clubs. According to the Report, Mainz 05, SC Paderborn, RB Leipzig and 1. FC Heidenheim no need for another vote.

Investor dispute and 50 + 1 – Germany’s professional football in crisis

The protests in the stadiums, the demands for a new vote by the clubs and the question of a possible violation of 50+1 plunge German professional football into a crisis. The Bundeskartellamt, in its preliminary assessment of 31. May 2021 made it clear that the basic rule of 50+1 is antitrust-neutral, but the exception rule for the factory clubs from Wolfsburg and Leverkusen and at that time Hoffenheim was not. The compromise then worked out, but not yet finally decided on, in determining the legal certainty for the 50+1 rule may now be called into question again.

Because the Federal Cartel Office announced in a letter to the parties to the proceedings in view of the situation around the vote and Hanover 96, “to become familiar with the latest developments regarding the application of the 50+1 rule by the DFL and then to consult on further action”. The DFL communicated on request, referring to the agreed compromise: “There are no signs of a fundamental change in this assessment of the Federal Cartel Office.”

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