the survivors of the nursing home cule 1

The survivors of the nursing home culé

the survivors of the nursing home cule

Injuries have hit Barça bravely this season. Ferran Torres, with the injury to the biceps femoris of the right leg in front of Osasuna has been the last to be added to the infirmary. In total, 16 footballers have been on leave at some point during the course and only Iñaki Peña, Fermín, Oriol Romeu, Gündogan, Vitor Roque and Lamine Yamal have been saved from staying in the dry dock.

Barça’s level of play throughout this campaign is far removed from that shown last year. The lack of forcefulness in both areas have condemned the team to run out of Super Cup, Cup and have the League very complicated. However, it is fair to contextualize the level of injuries suffered by the staff. Some avoidable ones? Possibly. The tight schedule, the long list of trips and such a short staff also help to understand the situation.

At the moment, there are up to nine players on leave in the Blaugrana squad: Ter Stegen, Balde, Iñigo Martínez, Marcos Alonso, Gavi, Sergi Roberto, Ferran Torres, Raphinha and Joao Félix. Or what is the same: only thirteen players in first team dynamics are available at the moment. Of the injured, Balde and Gavi will miss the rest of the season. The defender due to an injury to the hamstring tendon of the right leg; while the midfielder destroyed his knee with the Spanish national team: complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee and an injury associated with the external meniscus.

Line by line

The defensive line has been the most punished. All the members have been on leave at some point during the season. Some long-lasting like Iñigo Martínez, who signed injured with a plantar fasciitis and, subsequently, was injured in the right-handed biceps femoris, from which he relapsed; or Marcos Alonso, who opted to go through the operating room to treat his low back pain, as well as Ter Stegen.

Iñaki Peña, Fermín López, Oriol Romeu, Gündogan, Vitor Roque y Lamine Yamal

Iñaki Peña, Fermín López, Oriol Romeu, Gündogan, Vitor Roque and Lamine Yamal / SPORT

The center of the field is where we find the most survivors, up to three: Fermín – already with the first team card-, Oriol Romeu – with a secondary role – and Gündogan. There are two muscle injuries of The Pedri that he has been absent in 15 matches, the ten of De Jong or the nine that adds up Sergi Roberto.

The injuries in the front have not come, practically, until four days ago. While Lewandowski suffered a sprain in October, injuries to Raphinha, Ferran and Joao Felix have happened recently. The only ones who are healthy at the moment are the Polish himself, Lamine Yamal – with file of the subsidiary- and Vitor Roque – he was out for two months due to an ankle injury-.

Black January

If there is a month that takes the cake when it comes to injuries, it is undoubtedly January. In the first month of the year 2024 we accounted for up to eight injured in the Barça squad: Cancelo, Iñigo Martínez, Raphinha, Christensen, Sergi Roberto, Balde, Joao Félix and Ferran Torres. It should be remembered that there have been nine matches, so it gives an average of, practically, a injured per match. In fact, against Las Palmas, Barbastro, Osasuna in the Super Cup, Athletic and Osasuna in the League there has been a loss; the rest have occurred in training.

It will be time to see how February behaves, with five games left (Alaves, Celta Vigo, Granada, Naples and Getafe). It is also true that several of the injured could return in the coming weeks, as is the case with Ter Stegen, Iñigo -everything indicates that he will enter the next call in front of the Vitorian team- Sergi Roberto or Raphinha.

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