laporta expired at time 1

Laporta expired at time

laporta expired at time
Laporta, en el almuerzo con los medios

Laporta, at lunch with the media / EFE

Today, more than ever, Barça is swinging on a fragile swing, constant and relentless between the most recent past, the cruelest present and the brightest future.

Everything is known about the past: A disastrous management, a poisoned legacy and a result that is not installed perennially in the courts today, only because of that, when chairman, that of seeing his Club among lawyers and prosecutors, interests and embarrassments, it causes unbearable hives even knowing that there are partners in need of penalties, guilt and guilt.

The present is not much more promising. The result of that past, with cuts in all sections, some major structural imbalance and a physically hesitant, sometimes faint-hearted and in many cases novice first team, with a coach who, much to our regret, has not been able to find the tenacity, productivity and beauty entrusted to him, we are bumping along waiting for a future to arrive at once that, every day I see more clearly, is actually the big goal of the current supreme Leader.

Indeed, I think that Laporta he has settled into the future even sacrificing part of the present, and makes him aware that only the projection of that future can really straighten out our day to day. Today the Barça it is basically the tireless construction of its durability, the management of its horizon and the gestation of its tomorrow.

With the resignation of Xavi, the search and capture of a thoroughbred for the bench has been activated to make forget the mistakes of the past, shake the carelessness and apathy that some players give off and make the rivals tremble who in other times not only respected us, but feared us, with a a new model of experience and excellence.

The future will also give us maturity, not for the entity that is superfluous, but for a completely dazzling generation of footballers that moves today on the grass between the ages of 16 and 20 and that, when the greatest work in the history of the Futbol Club Barcelona if it is finished, they will enter it like real antelopes in the brightest years of their careers. And finally the great cathedral of the future: The monumental Spotify Camp Nou and the whole rearrangement of a “Espai Barça” called to be not only one of the pillars of commercial activity, leisure and business of the city, but a whole symbol of our culture and our country

Now, while the clock continues its relentless march, Laporta is the time traveler weaving projection at every moment of his eternal working days. Really, what is time for someone who is building legacy? Just another challenge waiting to be conquered!

And while, like a sacrifice, the present bares our miseries while we conquer every new minute as a victory with a single goal: Beating time.

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