Now live Olympics beckon: Germany raises against the Netherlands

  • 88.


    Schüller continues to work around each ball in front and now takes out a free kick 30 meters before the goal. this brings valuable time and relief for the German Defense.

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    The hosts are awarded another free kick in the half-field and advance with the entire team. More than a harmless conclusion, which Frohms certainly catches, but Oranje does not succeed.

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    Vivien Endemann

    Replacement for Germany: Vivien Endemann

  • 85.


    Klara Bühl

    Germany’s replacement: Klara Bühl

  • 83.


    Shanice van de Sanden

    Substitute for the Netherlands: Shanice van de Sanden

  • 83.


    Sherida Spitse

    Netherlands substitute: Sherida Spitse

  • 83.


    Katja Snoeijs

    Netherlands substitute: Katja Snoeijs

  • 83.


    Lieke Martens-van Leer

    Netherlands substitute: Lieke Martens-van Leer

  • 82.


    Germany is currently playing it down very cool and does not let anything burn. Lena Oberdorf in particular is always there and cleans everything up.

  • 80.


    The DFB-Elf has earned this lead and remains on the trigger even after the second hit. Nothing comes from the Netherlands anymore.

  • 78.


    Lea Schüller

    Tooor for Germany, 0:2 by Lea Schüller

    Germany is on an Olympic course! Klara Bühl’s corner from the right side is cleared first, but the Munich woman is allowed to go again. The Ball comes sharply to The Five, where Schüller screws himself up between two opponents and heads untenably into the left corner!

  • 76.


    Two good chances for Germany! Only Oberdorf comes to the end ten meters before the goal and chases the ball just over. then Schüller shows up at the right Pentagon and fails with her graduation to Daphne van Domselaar.

  • 74.


    The DFB-Elf now plays it cleverly and always manages to outnumber close to the ball. Sarai Linder pushes along and flanks strongly inwards from the left, where Schüller comes in with his head and narrowly misses the long corner.

  • 72.


    Germany now gets room to counter and attacks over the left side, where Bühl works out the next corner kick. This time, however, there is no danger.

  • 70.


    It will be a little nicer on the field again. Especially the Dutch immediately gain weight in the duels after the backlog and get down to business harder.

  • 68.


    Damaris Egurrola

    Netherlands: Damaris Egurrola

  • 68.


    Daniëlle van de Donk

    Netherlands replacement: Daniëlle van de Donk

  • 66.


    Klara Bühl

    Tooor for Germany, 0:1 by Klara Bühl

    Now the DFB selection is taking the lead! And Lena Oberdorf has a big part in it! The Wolfsburg native first initiates the attack herself and then, after a repulsed flank at the penalty point in the air, prevails quite strongly against two Dutch women. The ball comes to Bühl, who completes freestanding from six meters to the lead.

  • 63.


    Good opportunity for Germany! Nüsken takes Bühl to the left in front of the Box, whose left shot is faked and finds Schüller at the eleven. The DFB striker puts the Ball in front of her once, then Daphne van Domselaar courageously jumps out and snatches the leather from her foot!

  • 61.


    Dominique Janssen

    Yellow card for Dominique Janssen (Netherlands)

    Janssen is late in the midfield against Popp and gives her Bundesliga teammate a proper horse kiss.

  • 59.


    On the other hand, Schüller is also sent into the depths and goes into a duel with Janssen. The Munich woman passes the Ball, but is then cleverly pushed away by the Wolfsburg woman and van Domselaar grabs the leather.

  • 57.


    Jackie Groenen sends Lineth Beerensteyn on the journey with a long Ball from his own half, which picks up pace on the left. Hegering and Hendrich can only put the attacker and allow the finish from 13 meters. Fortunately, he is harmless and ends up right at Frohms.

  • 54.


    Dijkstra was injured in the last action and is now replaced by Wilms.

  • 54.


    Lynn Wilms

    Netherlands substitute: Lynn Wilms

  • 54.


    Caitlin Dijkstra

    Netherlands replacement: Caitlin Dijkstra

  • 53.


    Now for the hostesses! Daniëlle van de Donk sticks wonderfully to the right at the penalty area border on Caitlin Dijkstra, who immediately wants to give sharply inside. At the last second, the hurried Alex Popp clears the corner.

  • 50.


    Now the Ball is in the net, but immediately the flag goes up on the sideline! Lea Schüller had hit from the left into the long corner after a fine steep pass, but was half a Meter offside when Popp played.

  • 48.


    Again, Germany starts well and quickly comes to an opportunity. Oberdorf strongly captures the ball on the right and passes inside. The Netherlands can not make a decisive decision and again it is Nüsken who this time pushes from 13 meters and would have hit exactly under the crossbar, but Daphne van Domselaar directs the ball with his fingertips over it.

  • 46.


    Let’s go! Horst Hrubesch brings Lea Schüller for Sydney Lohmann in the second half and thus becomes a bit more offensive.

  • 46.


    Lea Schüller

    Substitute for Germany: Lea Schüller

  • 46.


    Sydney Lohmann

    Germany’s replacement: Sydney Lohmann

  • 46.


    Anpfiff 2. Halftime

  • 45.


    Half-time conclusion:
    The fight for the Olympic ticket remains exciting, because the first 45 minutes in the Nations League match for third place between the Netherlands and Germany end goalless! The DFB-Eleven started courageously and had top water in the first quarter of an hour without becoming dangerous. Afterwards, the game was even and Germany had the best goal chance to date after 25 minutes when Sjoeke Nüsken hit the left post from distance. At the back, the Dutch had a strong Phase and tied the DFB Eleven in phases at the back, but ultimately only rarely came to the end. So far, the draw is going completely fine and we will continue with the second leg in Heerenveen.

  • 45.


    End 1. Halftime

  • 44.


    The next flank of profit for Popp arrives. Eight meters in front of the goal, the German captain rises strongly and heads heavily, but too centrally at the goal. Daphne van Domselaar can catch the bullet.

  • 42.


    Germany is gaining ground again and combining strongly in the rear. Brandt asserts the bullet strongly and takes Gwinn to the right, who flanks right and almost finds Popp. But just almost.

  • 40.


    Now the DFB-Eleven counters and Giulia Gwinn comes over the right side with pace. in the duel with Dominique Janssen, however, she draws the shorter one and there is again no conclusion.

  • 39.


    Pointed free kick execution is again very weak, but Oranje now keeps the pressure consistently high and the DFB Eleven is increasingly wobbling.

  • 37.


    Kathrin Hendrich

    Yellow card for Kathrin Hendrich (Germany)

    Hendrich can only stop Beerensteyn by Foul again and this time gets on the fast Dutchwoman’s feet. This is the first warning of the game.

  • 35.


    More needs to come out! Germany wins the Ball in their own penalty area, switches quickly and is then outnumbered. Alexandra Popp drives the ball half-right and then wants to do it herself from 20 meters, but runs hard.

  • 33.


    The corner does not pose any danger either, but the hostesses now stay on The Pusher and lace up the DFB Eleven at the back. Germany can no longer playfully liberate itself.

  • 31.


    This time Hendrich is clearly too late on the sideline near the corner flag against Lineth Beerensteyn and kills the attacker. The free kick flank of captain Sherida Spitse flows into the next corner.

  • 28.


    Lineth Beerensteyn wins strongly against three opponents in the German penalty area and then wants to enter from the baseline. Kathrin Hendrich unpacks the Grätsche and clears the corner.

  • 26.


    Immediately afterwards there is a very good free kick position for the German eleven 18 meters in the middle of the goal. But Klara Bühl makes little of it and thunders the leather half-high in the middle of the Wall.

  • 25.


    Nüsken slams the ball against the aluminum! The Netherlands can’t get the Ball out of the back and the Chelsea midfielder is 18 meters in front of the goal. With his right foot, Nüsken then hits the ground with a crashing finish left post!

  • 24.


    The game is getting rougher and referee Stéphanie Frappart has to intervene more and more often to calm things down.

  • 21.


    On the other hand, Daniëlle van de Donk pulls off with a left from a good 25 meters and chases the Ball a few meters over the German box.

  • 19.


    Klara Bühl asserts herself strongly on the left side and brings the Ball flat to the inside at the height of sixteen. The thing rushes through to Jule Brand, who then pushes off from 16 meters with the left, but is still slightly hampered. So the shot is easy prey for Daphne van Domselaar.

  • 16.


    After a quarter of an hour, it can be noted that Horst Hrubesch’s team started much more focused than last time against France. Germany has more possession, wins more duels and is present everywhere. Only a proper conclusion is still missing.

  • 13.


    Bühl’s next free kick flank from the half is already better and makes the Oranje Fans Twitch briefly because Caitlin Dijkstra almost heads the Ball into her own goal. So there is the next corner, which again does not bring anything.

  • 11.


    There was more in there! Klara Bühl has a place on the left, pulls energetically into the Box and then wants to lie cross on Pop or fire, but plays the leather exactly between her two colleagues.

  • 9.


    Lena Oberdorf pushes over the left outfield and takes out the first corner ball for Germany in a duel with three Dutch women. Jule brand’s input then lands on an opponent’s head.

  • 7.


    When the Netherlands comes forward for the first time, it will immediately become a fire hazard! First, Merle Frohms weakly fists away a free Ball in the penalty area without need instead of catching it and then Wieke Kaptein pulls away from the back area. The Fake Ball just rushes past the right Gable!

  • 4.


    Germany got off to a good start and are already in the Match. The DFB selection looks for the duels and keeps the pace high in the first few minutes.

  • 2.


    The DFB-Eleven immediately starts the forward gear and Alexandra Popp pulls a first free kick 35 meters before the goal. Klara Bühl performs and sends her flank attempt straight into the goal.

  • 1.


    The Ball is rolling! The hosts traditionally play in Orange, Germany also wears classic black and white.

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  • 20:40

    Slowly but surely, the tension rises in the stadium of Heerenveen, which is filled with more than 20,000 spectators. The Teams have already arrived on the grass and are currently listening to the national anthem.

  • 20:20

    A look at the lineups: at the DFB, there are two changes compared to the semi-finals. Sydney Lohmann and Jule Brand start in place of Lea Schüller and Svenja Huth (both bench). This is likely to be accompanied by a tactical switch to a 4-2-3-1. In the Netherlands, coach Jonker makes only one change and replaces the striker Vivianne Miedema, who has already returned to her club FC Arsenal, with Wieke Kaptein.

  • 20:12

    The Dutch had no chance in their semi-final against Spain at 0:3 and thus today also have their last Chance at the second Olympic participation after 2021, when they reached the quarter-finals. Oranje Coach Andries Jonker, once Bundesliga coach of the men’s teams of FC Bayern and VfL Wolfsburg, sees the German Team “still a top team”despite the last lackluster performances. Defense attorney Kerstin Casparij said: “we know what we’re dealing with. It’s going to be a pretty physical game.”

  • 19:59

    Coach Hrubesch makes it clear in advance that the defeat against France has been ticked off. “We shook ourselves again and then adjusted to the game against the Netherlands. We will bundle everything to make it positive,” said the 72-year-old, who does not want to change anything about his tactical route. “We will try again to determine the game, we want to push through our game and go through our clear match plan.”Above all, Hrubesch wants his players to play with joy:” even if you have to torment yourself and work, in the end it is also crucial to have fun playing football.”

  • 19:47

    With the 1-2 defeat in the semi-finals against France, the German women have already given their first chance at the Olympic ticket. After a weak first half (0:2), The increase in performance and the connecting goal by Giulia Gwinn came too late. Now the eleven of Horst Hrubesch offers the next and at the same time last Chance to travel to the Games in Paris. A victory against the neighbor and archrival from the Netherlands and Germany is in the process.

  • 19:45

    Hello and welcome to the UEFA Women’s Nations League! At 20:45, Germany and the Netherlands will play in Heerenveen for third place and a ticket to the Summer Olympics!

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