Now live-Freiburg is back against Lens

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    Lucas Höler

    Yellow card for Lucas Höler (SC Freiburg)

    In the aftermath of a header duel, Höler has his leg a little high in the duel with El Aynaoui and also hits him. For this he sees the first yellow card of this game.

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    The French now stand a little lower so as not to offer rooms to the hosts. They certainly have their problems, they lack the creativity to combine through the tight defense network.

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    The subsequent corner from the right brings Dōan to the five-meter space. There Sildillia rises up and even gets to the ball in front of Samba, but can only extend it past the Keeper with the Vertex. So no conclusion comes out, nevertheless, the guest goalkeeper did not necessarily look safe.

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    Sallai sends Röhl into the hexagon with a nice plug pass on the right. However, Medina is on the spot and is able to prevent his entry.

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    The guests work out a number of corners, but the SC gets well defended. The game is now more hectic, as more is happening in the penalty areas in the meantime.

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    Posts! From the right half, Sallai brings a free kick to the Center. The Ball is extended by Gulde to the chest of Medina on the five-meter space, who did not count on it. The ball bounces from the defender to the left post, Samba cannot intervene, but then grabs it during the subsequent attempt by Dōan. That would have been for the Sports Club.

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    This, of course, is bitter for the hosts. Although Lens has become stronger in the last few minutes, a hit had not yet been indicated. The mode is clear, Freiburg now needs a goal for extra time at some point.

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    David Costa

    TOOOR for RC Lens, 0: 1 by David Costa

    The guests take the lead, which comes as a bit of a surprise. Frankowski takes a free kick from the Center to the left corner of the five-meter room. Atubolu gets out, but opts for a one-handed fist defense, which fails. This is how David Costa comes into play, who cuts the leather into the net from twelve meters of half-left Position past many feet. The SC Keeper then has no Chance, but of course the Counter-Strike goes to his account.

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    On the right, Frankowski runs behind El Aynaoui, gets the ball from him and gives it sharply to the Center. However, there is no buyer there.

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    Actually, the SC offers a good counter opportunity, but before they stood very low, which is why only Kübler and Röhl march forward. So Lens can clear without problems.

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    This sails through the penalty area without an actor being able to reach it. The subsequent entry of Chávez also fizzles out without effect.

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    With a steep pass, Wahi is sent to the right, Gulde is close to him. Ultimately, the attacker can get a corner out.

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    Frankowski brings him into the penalty area, but Höler is behind and can clear his head. Even in the aftermath, the Situation does not become dangerous.

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    Again and again it is Wahi and Gulde who clash in intense duels. The Lens Player is also slightly annoyed, but is now awarded a free kick in the left half.

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    The French try to gain safety over long periods of possession. Medina, Gradit and Khusanov push the bullet towards each other. But they don’t really get Wahi and Sotoca involved.

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    The SC solves it well from the back, the docking stations fit. Sallai then seeks out Dōan with a long Ball on the right side, however Medina is able to head back to Samba.

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    It is an intense initial phase, the hosts have come in well. However, no team has a good Chance yet.

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    At the corner, Chávez had held against Höler, which is why the Freiburgers want a penalty. However, it does not exist, the VAR does not report either, that’s okay.

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    Khusanov plays a ball in the build-up directly to Eggestein, who in turn takes Sallai with him. The attacker pulls from the center to the left and then from 25 meters of half-left Position. The play equipment is falsified to the corner, which then also does not bring any danger.

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    Wahi makes a chip ball to the five-meter space to the incoming Frankowski, but Sildillia intervenes and cleans up. The attacker had a lot of free space right in front of the SC gate.

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    The guests let Freiburg play in the first line, Atobulo has a lot of time there. But as soon as The Defenders want to build up, Wahi and Sotoca start running.

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    At the right corner of the penalty area, Wahi remains attached to Gulde. David Costa wants to shoot the rebound directly at the goal, but the attempt can be blocked. It’s a cheery start.

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    Makengo heads a long Ball to Sallai at the penalty area. The Hungarian takes the ball from 20 meters volley, but chases it clearly over the box.

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    Then the Ball is already rolling. Both fan camps ushered in the game with great choreographies. Freiburg has started.

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  • 18:40

    The Teams enter the grass at this moment together with referee Rade Obrenovic from Slovenia. In a few minutes the game can begin.

  • 18:26

    The first leg was also the first competitive match between the two teams. Accordingly, the statistics here are still waiting for a hit. At 0:0, however, the Freiburgers made the slightly better impression, had “the better chances” according to coach Streich, Danso even had to clarify on the line. The SC Coach also gives the recipe for today: “we have to get to the Maximum of our performance and the ability of suffering, and we have to be calm in possession of the ball.”As you know, the away goals rule no longer exists, so we can look forward to an exciting evening.

  • 18:11

    On the other hand, however, the Form is even better, since the French have been unbeaten in five matches across the competition. Last time they parted with Reims 1-1, Les Sang et or occupy sixth place in Ligue 1, that’s decent. The relegation from the Champions League, which defeated Sevilla and Arsenal, is a well-coordinated team that convinces above all with discipline and order. This was also evident in the first leg, but in today’s meeting, the guests may have larger spaces for their dangerous counters.

  • 17:56

    After the first leg, it is now all or Nothing, only one team can enter the round of 16 of the Europa League. Freiburg has found its way back into the track, after three defeats in a row they last played a draw twice, one of them just last week against Lens (0:0). On the weekend, they also managed a 3:3 against Frankfurt, which can be considered a success, as they were three times behind. So the Breisgauer can go into the game with confidence.

  • 17:43

    To begin with, let’s take a look at the lineups. At Freiburg, coach Christian Streich makes two changes compared to the last competitive game. For Keitel, who is out with back problems, and Grifo, who takes a seat on the bench, Sildillia and Röhl come into the starting eleven. Especially at the back, the shoe presses on the SC, Lienhart falls out as well as Schmidt and Rosenfelder. After all, Ginter can be in the squad again today. On the other hand, lens Coach Franck Heise also rotates, but in five positions. Danso, Mendy, Thomasson, Fulgini and Saïd are replaced by Gradit, El Aynaoui, David Costa, Sotoca and Wahi. Machado and Cabot are missing due to injury, the former Augsburg Danso due to a yellow ban. In the attack, with Wahi and Sotoca, the full Chapel is again on the lawn.

  • Welcome to the second leg of the Europa League Play-offs, SC Freiburg and RC Lens face each other. Kick – off at Europa-Park-Stadion is at 18:45!

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