Now live-Freiburg equalizes for the second time

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    With speed, the guests go over the left side to the front. The Flake lands at Makengo, who clears directly into Chaïbi’s feet. The 21-year-old closes directly from the penalty area boundary, but chases the Ball under the stadium roof.

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    The picture on the lawn is unchanged in the first moments after the restart. Freiburg is a bit more active, but doesn’t really get through against the well-organized SGE Defense. On the other hand, unity lurks on the counter.

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    Let’s go! Both Teams return from the cabins unchanged in personnel.

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    Anpfiff 2. Halftime

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    Half-time conclusion:
    In the duel for international business between Freiburg and Frankfurt, the score is 2: 2! The draw for the break is quite performance-oriented, but the number of hits is surprising after an amazingly uneventful first pass. The guests only came in front of the SC goal twice, but each time they showed themselves ice-cold and took the lead twice with only two shots on goal. The Spor Club had an answer both times. After the 1:0, the very quick Equalization was achieved by Dōan. Before the break, the Breisgauers were the much more active Team and rewarded themselves from the point with the 2:2. Otherwise, however, the prank Elf had almost no options. Of course, it is still possible to continue in the second section. See you soon!

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    End 1. Halftime

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    This means that Freiburg has the answer ready before the break and is starting again. For Vincenzo Grifo, it is already the 13th scoring point.

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    Vincenzo Grifo

    TOOOR for SC Freiburg, 2: 2 by Vincenzo Grifo

    Grifo keeps his nerves! After a very short start, the SC captain thrashes the Ball halfway into the left corner. Trapp suspects the side and is even on it. However, the 33-year-old can no longer prevent the impact.

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    Penalties for Freiburg! Frankfurt wants to playfully release itself from the pressure in the event of a repulsion and that goes completely wrong. Tuta heads the Ball back to Hasebe from the right of his own penalty area. Höler suspects this, splashes in between and is hit by the 40-year-old on the foot. The whistle goes accordingly in order.

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    At the moment, this is happening most of the time. The hosts are on the Offensive again. A Grifo Chip from the left in front of the penalty area did not reach Dōan and rushed through to the goal.

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    Eight minutes come on top in the first pass. A hit may not be in the air, but that’s really nothing at all in today’s encounter. All three goals fell a little out of nowhere.

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    Official Time (Minutes): 8

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    Freiburg is approaching! First, a Gulde shot is faked to the corner and then Sallai, after a shallow entry from the left side with his Grapple, is only missing centimeters to reach the Ball.

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    Freiburg is again striving for a quick response. Nevertheless, the homeowners do not find any gaps and in turn have to be extremely careful about SGE countermeasures.

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    Eintracht Frankfurt is really very efficient today. The Hessians only scored twice and were successful both times.

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    Ansgar Knauff

    Tooor for Eintracht Frankfurt, 1: 2 by Ansgar Knauff

    Every shot is a hit! Frankfurt hits the Ball out the back and immediately the counter runs. Marmoush gets to the Ball, drives and is not properly attacked. The 25-year-old then delays on the right in front of the penalty area at the right Moment and uses the button that starts on the left half lane. The Joker keeps his nerves in front of Atubolu and closes unsustainably into the long corner by direct removal.

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    After half an hour there were only two chances and both led directly to the hits. Ritsu Dōan is the 1-1 second goal of the current period.

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    Ritsu Dōan

    Tooor for SC Freiburg, 1: 1 by Ritsu Dōan

    Freiburg has the quick answer! The Breisgauer make a throw-in of the guests on the right offensive side, capture the Ball and then it goes very quickly. Dōan breaks free of direct opponent pressure with a nice hack pass. Afterwards, the Ball lands over several stations at Sallai, who is looking for the end from just inside. Trapp, however, is in place against the flat shot on the right corner. The goalkeeper can only bounce the Ball. This is exactly what lurks Dōan, who simply runs through with pace and dusts to balance from the shortest distance.

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    For Omar Marmoush, it is already the ninth goal of the season. Thus, he is clearly the best scorer of the SGE.

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    Omar Marmoush

    Tooor for Eintracht Frankfurt, 0: 1 by Omar Marmoush

    Frankfurt takes the lead with the first Chance! Max flanks the Ball from the left half to the edge of the penalty area to Marmoush. The Egyptian benefits from the fact that Keitel stumbles in front of him and goes to the ground. Therefore, the Ball slips through to the SGE attacker, who controls it well, penetrates another small piece into the sixteenth and safely executes from the left in the Box into the long corner.

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    Eintracht is quietly running the Ball through its own ranks at the moment. But the action takes place completely at the level of the midline. Tuta, Pacho and Hasebe are collecting a lot of Ball contacts right now.

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    It remains that both Teams are probing and shy away from the risk on the way forward. For tactical Fans, the game should certainly be something. But the neutral viewer does not get his money’s worth here.

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    The following Standard from the right flag is of course a matter for Vincenzo Grifo. The SC captain brings the Ball high to the center, but does not find a receiver.

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    Roland Sallai is sent steeply on the right wing, comes to the Ball just before the baseline and cleverly shoots Willian Pacho. As a result, the Hungarian at least takes out a corner kick for the SC.

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    The frankfurters are the minimally more active team. However, they find no gaps against the concentrated defending Freiburgers. Since the Breisgauers have not yet been able to set offensive accents, opportunities are still in absolute short supply.

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    In terms of football, the initial phase really had little to offer, but was marked by interruptions due to the protests and the injury of Kalajdžić. Hopefully now also considerable playful actions will follow.

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    The injured Kalajdžić limps straight through to the catacombs after a short conversation with his coach. Knauff is new to the squad and Marmoush will take over as forward.

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    Ansgar Knauff

    Transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt: Ansgar Knauff

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    Saša Kalajdžić

    Transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt: Saša Kalajdžić

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    Saša Kalajdžić leaves the field slowly and independently. Still, it will probably not go on for the striker. Ansgar Knauff is already getting ready.

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    Saša Kalajdžić goes to the ground without the impact of the opponent just before the opponent’s penalty area and immediately grabs the already tapped knee. The Australian needs to be treated.

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    The field is cleared again and it continues again with referee ball. The Freiburgers have the Ball and let it run quietly through their own ranks.

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    Tobias Stieler releases the game again and the next candies fly directly. That is why there is a break again immediately. The players are trying to keep warm.

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    Only a few seconds have been played and the first objects are already flying onto the lawn. So the protests against the entry of investors into the DFL continue here as well.

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    Here we go! The Home Elf, who plays in red and white jerseys, kicks in. Frankfurt, on the other hand, is completely in Black.

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  • 14:57

    The direct comparison is relatively balanced after 45 duels. Freiburg was able to win 16 matches, Frankfurt 18 and there were eleven draws. In the end, however, the SGE had the nose more clearly ahead and lost only one of the last eight games against the Sports Club. In the first leg, however, there was a scoreless Division of points.

  • 14:57

    There are two substitutions for the frankfurters after the appearance against Union Saint-Gilloise. Dino Toppmöller brings Makoto Hasebe for the suspended Robin Koch and Philipp Max for Niels Nkounkou.

  • 14:55

    Christian Streich only changes his starting eleven on one Position compared to the goalless draw against RC Lens. Vincenzo Grifo starts for the Red-barred Merlin Röhl.

  • 14:50

    The record of the last Matches does not read wrong with the frankfurters in principle. Only one of the last seven games was lost. However, the whole thing can also be viewed from a different perspective. Finally, they met four basement children in the Bundesliga last time. In the end, however, only five of the possible twelve points jumped out. In addition, they lost an early 2-0 lead in the Europa Conference League on Thursday at Union Saint-Gilloise. If they manage to win today, however, the Form of the last few weeks does not matter at all, as they could keep a direct pursuer at a distance with Freiburg.

  • 14:41

    SC Freiburg is currently experiencing a small earnings crisis. Although the Breisgauers were able to stop the losing streak of three games in a row in the Europa League with a goalless draw, they still remained winless for the fourth meeting in a row across the competition. In general, they were able to win only one of the last seven competitive matches. With 28 points, they still occupy eighth place in the league. With a three-pointer they could not only advance to seventh place again, but even shorten the gap to sixth place to just one more point.

  • Hello and welcome to the Bundesliga on Sunday. In the fight for International Business, SC Freiburg welcomes Eintracht from Frankfurt. Kick-off is at 15:30 at Europa-Park Stadium.

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