Now live-Freiburg vs West Ham in arrears

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    End 1. Halftime

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    There were no big interruptions, which is why only one Minute is replayed.

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    Official Time (Minutes): 1

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    Ritsu Dōan is fouled in the back, but Roland Sallai grabs the leather and has some space in front of him, into which he advances at lightning speed. Then his play to the right on Eggestein is much too transparent and is intercepted by Aaron Cresswell.

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    The Sports Club shows a good reaction. But sooner or later it also needs something countable!

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    Shortly after the next attempt des SC. Grifo dribbles from the left of the penalty area with speed towards it and into it, then lets Coufal off with a hook to the right. The Italian also gets a finish with the right from a short distance, but that too is more of a somersault into the hands of the Polish closer.

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    Grifo crosses Eggestein a few meters to the right from the left of the penalty area, who takes the leather directly from the Stand with the right. Due to the rather unfavorable ball position, however, he gets neither pressure nor precision in the shot, which lands exactly in the arms of Fabiański.

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    The action immediately shifts back to half of the landlords.

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    In an actually good Freiburg Phase, West Ham scores 2-0. The next major setback for Streich and his men. How do you stick this way?

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    Jarrod Bowen

    Tooor for West Ham United, 2-0 by Jarrod Bowen

    Is that a bitter thing? After a throw-in from the right in Freiburg’s half, Günter has actually already won the duel against Bowen in the back area, but loses his balance. The opponent grabs the leather, pulls twice to the left in front with short ball contacts and then dashes it dry from 17 meters with the left flat in the right corner. Nothing to do for Atubolu in Freiburg’s box.

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    The Strike Force is now finding something better in the game, but perhaps also for the reason that West Ham may have taken a gear out.

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    Günter simply puts Höler flat across the back from the left sideline, but his half-hearted shot attempt is blocked directly and then changes hands.

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    Overall, the Moyes Eleven keeps the SCF well away from their own penalty area, the latter does not really find a way through yet.

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    For the first time, Freiburg is now settling somewhat in West Ham’s penalty area. Two corner kicks, first from the left, then from the right, but bring nothing.

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    After another deep pass to the right into the Box, this time to Höler, was initially intercepted by Mavropanos, Höler continues. Mavropanos slips away and a whistle sounds, which is rather unjustified. That would be dangerous become!

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    Ex-Stuttgart Mavropanos once took the long way forward and tried to score a free kick against Höfler at the opponent’s sixth. The German’s leg is a bit high, but the bet is by no means a Foul.

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    And again Antonio refuels right in the sixteenth. This time, however, his cross-laying does not find a buyer.

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    Now the Ball finds its way into the other penalty area again. Günter gives a high Play to the left of these with the left directly in the Middle. However, no player ran there and the ball is gone again.

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    On the left defender side of the Freiburg side, weaknesses in the dueling behavior are repeatedly revealed. This should stop the back team as quickly as possible.

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    Giant chance for the Hammers! Michail Antonio passes Manuel Gulde far too easily on the right in the sixteenth and then backs up to Mohammed Kudus in the fifth. To Freiburg’s luck, the Ghanaian forgives the Mega opportunity and pushes the leather from five meters just to the left of the goal.

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    Starting from the right outfield, Bowen pulls obliquely inwards and towards Günter with pace. He has only one look against the nimble Englishman and can thank his goalkeeper Atubolu, who safely parries the right shot from an acute angle in the follow-up.

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    They give the right in their own half, however, early in the construction of the play equipment. The prank Elf is visibly nervous.

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    After the lead, the house owners initially retreat a little and leave more ball possession to the Breisgauers.

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    Kudus almost relieves Sildillia on the left outfield in a dangerous Position, but then works a little too much with his arms and there is a free kick for the guests.

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    So the SC came up with a good answer. However, the hard-won advantage from the first leg is gone. Everything is completely open again!

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    Almost equalized! With a beautiful interface pass from the back to the central pit, Eggestein Sallai sets the scene. He enters the penalty area to the right, but then warps slightly and pushes the leather with his right from twelve meters flat to the left past the long post.

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    Lucas Paquetá

    Tooor for West Ham United, 1-0 by Lucas Paquetá

    And with the third corner in a row from the left, West Ham take the lead early in the game! On the short post, Souček extends per head onto Lucas Paquetá, who is completely free on the long post. The Brazilian only has to clap the ball over the line into the empty goal.

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    Twice in a row, Cresswell brings the ball from left to left, twice it is cleared to the resulting corner.

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    Kudus ‘ flank from the right edge of the penalty area leads to the second corner of the Londoners.

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    West Ham runs the Freiburg back team very early in their possession, relies on an attacking pressure.

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    Following this, Jarrod Bowen comes to the end half-right in the penalty area from an acute angle, but clearly circles the play equipment with his left past the long post.

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    The full-back’s subsequent wide throw-in on Bowen after just before the right post provides the first corner. Atubolu directs the right shot to the corner.

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    On the other hand, Coufal now tries a first flank from the right Hexagon, which is blocked.

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    Around 2,400 Freiburg Fans travelled to cheer on their Team from the ranks.

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    Freiburg comes halfway to the opponent’s Box via Dōan and Sallai on the right outfield for the first time, but cannot create a dangerous finish.

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    Tomáš Souček slips a bit rough in a duel with Höfler at the center line and immediately puts an exclamation point. There is a free kick for Freiburg, which appears all in White.

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    It goes into the game!

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  • 18:46

    The captains Christian Günter and Kurt Zouma are for the selection of the referee team around Marco Guida from Italy. It’s about to start!

  • 18:45

    Everything is set up for an extremely exciting eighth-final return match!

  • 18:40

    A very pleasant news on the Freiburg side: after a two-month injury break and survived groin surgery, Streich is available to defender Lienhart again and, perhaps surprisingly, is already making his Comeback today.

  • 18:37

    Among the South Germans, Austrian Michael Gregoritsch is the man of the hour. After making a crazy Comeback in the second leg against Lens with his goal in extra time, he ensures very good conditions for reaching the second leg with his goal in the first leg. Nevertheless, the 29-year-old initially sits on the bench. Coach Streich probably relies on his Joker guarantees.

  • 18:28

    With the success in Bochum last weekend, Freiburg’s preparation for the upcoming clash turned out to be a little better than that of the Londoners, who played at home against the 19. Second place FC Burnley did not go beyond a 2:2. However, it is to their advantage that they had to catch up with a 0:2 deficit and only achieved the equalizer in injury time.

  • 18:21

    After the current eighth of the Bundesliga had to suffer two defeats in the group stage against the team from London’s ‘East end’, he managed his first victory in front of the home crowd in the third duel. In today’s fourth meeting, a draw would therefore be enough for the Breisgauers to reach the quarter-finals and thus probably the greatest club success. However, West Ham won the home match in the group stage 2-0.

  • 18:10

    Coach David Moyes makes two changes for the home side: Aaron Cresswell moves to the left-back position for the ailing Emerson. In the Offensive, the Scottish head coach instead of James Ward-Prowse (bench) relies on Mikhail Antonio, who was substituted in the first leg only in injury time.

  • 18:07

    At SCF, the personnel situation is quickly handled. Coach Christian Streich relies on the exact same line-up as in the first leg. Joker Michael Gregoritsch takes his place on the bench as in the first leg and in contrast to the 2:1 away win at VfL Bochum four days ago. This was also the only Rotation for League play: Gregoritsch instead of Höler.

  • 18:00

    That Lineups can now be viewed as usual.

  • 17:54

    After the narrow 1-0 victory due to the late goal of Gregoritsch in the competitive first leg in the Europa-Park-Stadion, it is now on the Freiburg side to defend the advantage over the upcoming 90 plus X minutes of play. That this will certainly not be an easy undertaking in the current seventh of the Premier League is certain.

  • 17:49

    Hello and welcome to the Europa League this Thursday evening! In the second leg of the round of 16, SC Freiburg will host West Ham United. Kick-off at the London Stadium is at 18:45.

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