Now live-1: 1: Augsburg punishes Freiburg passivity

  • 79.


    Phillip Tietz

    Replacement at FC Augsburg: Phillip Tietz

  • 79.


    Maximilian Bauer

    Yellow card for Maximilian Bauer (FC Augsburg)

    With a tackle, as you might expect in American Football, Bauer stops a dribble from Weißhaupt and sees his first yellow for it.

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    The final phase of the game begins! Can either team get a lucky Punch?

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    Kiliann Sildillia

    Transfer to SC Freiburg: Kiliann Sildillia

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    Merlin Röhl

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Merlin Röhl

  • 76.


    Noah Weißhaupt

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Noah Weißhaupt

  • 76.


    Vincenzo Grifo

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Vincenzo Grifo

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    After a double pass with Iago, Arne Maier from the second third of the Freiburg half takes the Ball into the Augsburg cloud sky.

  • 74.


    This had become increasingly apparent in the last few minutes. Actually, Jess Thorup just wanted to make a double change, but seems to have thought differently due to the new Situation.

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    Felix Uduokhai

    TOOOR for FC Augsburg, 1: 1 by Felix Uduokhai

    There is the balance! First, Arne Maier flanks to the left of the baseline to Tietz, who uses a piece of Cabinet to volley the Ball into the goal. He thus forces Atubolu into a parade of glory, but Uduokhai uses the surplus from the right Pentagon to the long-overdue Equalizer. Everything is open again!

  • 71.


    Atubolu prevents equalization! This time Ermedin Demirović comes free on the penalty spot after a flank from Tietz. But the Freiburg goalkeeper parries away strongly with his forearm to the side!

  • 70.


    Iago with the next big chance! On the left in the penalty area, he comes to the shot from a slightly acute angle in front of the Pentagon. Noah Atubolu can’t hold on to the big shot fullback at first, but he hooks the Ball and then has it.

  • 67.


    Vargas has the balance on his head! But he gets a precise flank from Arne Engels on the vertex, so he can’t put it on goal against the direction of Noah atubolu.

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    Roland Sallai

    Transfer to SC Freiburg: Roland Sallai

  • 66.


    Michael Gregoritsch

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Michael Gregoritsch

  • 66.


    Jordy Makengo

    Transfer to SC Freiburg: Jordy Makengo

  • 66.


    Christian Günter

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Christian Günter

  • 65.


    In the SC Box, Demirovic takes a flank from the left half of klasse with his chest and passes on to Philipp Tietz in the fall, but then he does not take the chance to finish twice and then hits one hook too much, so that the three Freiburg defenders close to him can defuse without effort.

  • 63.


    In front of the SC Freiburg penalty area, Ermedin Demirović and Ruben Vargas rattle into each other. After a short Health Check by Bastian Dankert, however, it continues.

  • 62.


    Almost 2-0 out of nowhere! After Grifo runs along on the left and juggles past two Augsburg players towards the baseline, he flanks into the Center. In front of the goal, Gregoritsch lets through, then Doan sails just past the ball at the second post!

  • 61.


    Ermedin Demirović suddenly appears freely in the Box of the SC! He does not get a half-high flank from Tietz under control and puts it next to the goal with a full-span shot.

  • 60.


    As in the first round, the owners are on the trigger and would have earned the compensation by now, even if the crystal-clear goal opportunities are still in short supply. But Freiburg has also been properly defended so far.

  • 58.


    Mbabu can claim the leather against Merlin Röhl in the Freiburg half and then wants to start on the left for the Sprint, but loses the duel for the Ball against the strong Lucas Höler.

  • 57.


    Immediately after his substitution, Arne Maier is also allowed to take the free kick. Near the left sideline, he wants to bring a flank into the penalty area, but completely warps.

  • 56.


    Arne Maier

    Transfer to FC Augsburg: Arne Maier

  • 56.


    Elvis Rexhbeçaj

    Replacement at FC Augsburg: Elvis Rexhbeçaj

  • 56.


    Arne Engels

    Transfer to FC Augsburg: Arne Engels

  • 56.


    Fredrik Jensen

    Replacement at FC Augsburg: Fredrik Jensen

  • 55.


    However, it does not land on the second post as intended, but on Fredrik Jensen, who immediately removes the Ball.

  • 55.


    Merlin Röhl can provide relief on the left and at least get a corner for Freiburg again after a long time.

  • 53.


    Ouch! Ermedin Demirović goes to the ball with full risk in the air duel against Matthias Ginter and wants to finish with a side drop, but does not hit the play equipment with the slap, but with the knee the head of his opponent! He stays short of this blow, but then continues.

  • 52.


    Freiburg lets FCA come forward at the moment, but makes the Middle well and forces the Augsburg team to turn away before the last third.

  • 50.


    On the right, Mbabu Christian Günter overflows and flanks inwards, where Philipp Tietz is in good shooting position, but then gets too much in reserve and chases the ball into the third floor from a short distance.

  • 49.


    The resulting free kick was nothing. Jensen plays the leather briefly to the right to Mbabu, who then immediately gets stuck on Höler and then also commits a Foul.

  • 48.


    Phillip Tietz takes a high ball from the half-field with his chest and wants to start forward. Gulde puts him in a stumble, but the former Darmstadt stands again immediately and then gets the Foul in retrospect.

  • 46.


    In front of his own Sixteen Manuel Gulde gets the elbow off Elvis Rexhbeçaj in an Air duel, which the Referee immediately whistles as a striker foul.

  • 46.


    The second round continues unchanged with impetus for the gray Freiburgers.

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    Anpfiff 2. Halftime

  • 45.


    Half-time conclusion:
    Pause in Augsburg! At half-time, the Bavarian Swabians go into the booth with a 0:1 against the frightened opponent. However, FC Augsburg does not have to hide, because Jess Thorup’s Eleven has so far been the more active team in this encounter and definitely had more of the game than the guests from Breisgau. Iago would have an early lead (3.) can produce. But eventually it fell 1-0 on the other side after Jensen caused a foul penalty, which Grifo (19.) transformed sovereignly. In the last minutes of the second half, FC Augsburg was close to equalizing, but so far could not report completion. Freiburg cannot complain about the score and is mainly concerned with defending. How will it go on in this game?

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    End 1. Halftime

  • 45.


    Uduokhai! The resulting corner is executed by Jensen from the right onto the short corner, where Felix Uduokhai rises highest and brings the Ball to the outside net. There was not much missing!

  • 45.


    After a chip ball from Uduokhai to the right of the penalty area to Kevin Mbabu, he can only tunnel Lucas Höler and pass him, but puts the Ball a little too far in front of him, so Grifo helps out and clears the corner.

  • 45.


    The SCF’s Defense sleeps in the collective – and so Ermedin Demirović just barely misses the equalizer! Iago can flank from the left without a man-Decker with plenty of space. In the Center, meanwhile, is the storm peak of Table 15. released by Gulde and presses the Ball head on goal. In the end, this attempt clearly goes beyond the bar!

  • 45.


    Official Time (Minutes): 3

  • 44.


    It wasn’t bad! Vargas tries directly, curves around the wall with his free kick and aims for the left corner. The Ball comes very high ung difficult for the goalkeeper to anticipate, but Atubolu directs the high Ball with his fingertips over the crossbar!

  • 43.


    Shortly after the corner, Matthias Ginter brings down Fredrik Jensen 23 meters in front of the goal, which results in a good free kick position for FCA!

  • 42.


    Demirović! First, he can leave Nicolas Höfler on the left in the penalty area with an overstayer and wants to pull in, but then the overflowing Höfler clears with his leg to the corner and First keeps the last word in this confrontation.

  • 40.


    The corner brings Grifo in from the left. He chooses the variant on the short corner, but instead of his own teammate Kevin Mbabu, who immediately shoots the leather far forward.

  • 39.


    Because a flank of Christian Günter from the left half-space is faked early in the shooting range to the bow lamp and the Ball lands behind Dahmen’s box, there is a corner for the guests.

  • 38.


    So much for the plans to spare Matthias Ginter for more important tasks. Meanwhile, Kübler limps away from his seat, visibly painfully distorted.

  • 37.


    Matthias Ginter

    Transfer to SC Freiburg: Matthias Ginter

  • 37.


    Lukas Kübler

    Replacement at SC Freiburg: Lukas Kübler

  • 36.


    Injury break: Lukas Kübler seems to have injured himself without outside influence. He is treated by the Mediteam and immediately indicates that it is unlikely to continue.

  • 35.


    To the left of the baseline, Vargas Zimmer a flank into the back of the Box. Tietz initially jumps under the Ball, so that Ermedin Demirović has to go for a header. At this conclusion, there is so little power behind the ball that he does not even go out in goal.

  • 31.


    Shortly afterwards, Ritsu Doan struggled in front of the penalty area of the FCA and could actually pull away, but then crosses to Gregoritsch, who did not expect this himself: his problems with the ball reception almost cause a counter of the Swabians, in the end he can poke the leather in the side against Jakic.

  • 30.


    Clever idea by Christian Günter to play a steep pass from the left sideline to the incoming Grifo in the penalty area. Even smarter: the Augsburg defender Maximilian Bauer, who anticipated this variant and clarifies it before the German-Italian.

  • 27.


    At the moment, the score does not actually correspond to the course of the game, because the hosts are the much more committed team. As in recent weeks, however, there is also a lack of precision in the last third and assertiveness in the Box tonight, because the last Pass often does not arrive and in the end the whole thing is too predictable with Demirović as the central playing Station, so that Freiburg has little problem defending the sovereign.

  • 24.


    Vargas chips a lifter from the sideline into the Box to Demirović, but he can’t get the Ball under control enough for the SCF defense to beat away.

  • 23.


    Ruben Vargas

    Yellow card for Ruben Vargas (FC Augsburg)

    Vargas clears left on the sideline with no prospect of acquiring Lukas Kübler’s playing equipment and sees his third yellow.

  • 23.


    Mbabu has room to flank on the left before the last third, but the input is maximally imprecise and harmless.

  • 21.


    The answer of the Bavarian Swabians! Jensen has run to the right into the half-field and puts in the middle, where First Iago lets through. The subsequent completion of Ermedin Demirović is blocked by a defensive leg of the Sports Club on the penalty spot!

  • 19.


    Vincenzo Grifo

    TOOOR for SC Freiburg, 0: 1 by Vincenzo Grifo

    Humorless and confident, Grifo cuts the leather extremely precisely flat at the bottom left of the mesh and also loads Finn Dahmen. Leadership of the Sports Club!

  • 18.


    Just behind the penalty area Fredrik Jensen brings down Vincenzo Grifo with a frontal kick on the limp from full run – Bastian Dankert gives without hesitation Penalties for SC Freiburg!

  • 16.


    Free kick for the guests: Grifo flanks from a half-right Position and 35 meters from goal into the Box. There Lukas Kübler screws himself up and hits the play equipment on the first post Outside network!

  • 14.


    However, the subsequent corner kick does not provide anything that would have to be discussed separately here.

  • 13.


    You take it, I’m sure I got it! One way or even worse in this Situation was the communication between Noah atubolu and Ritsu Doan. The goalkeeper stops after a steep pass from Ermedin Demirović, only to come out and almost rattle along with his Japanese teammate. Atubolu misses the Ball, but is then lucky that his colleague from the defense is wide awake and ultimately clears the leather to the corner.

  • 10.


    The FCA presses very hard in the first minutes of the game, but also puts the starting stations in front well. Apparently, one wants to force frivolous Ball losses in the ranks of the Sports Club.

  • 8.


    Suddenly Finn Dahmen has to get out! Lucas Höler directs a throw-in technically briskly with the hoe in the direction of Michael Gregoritsch, who would have plenty of space in the Box, had the Bavarian Swabians not mentally rushed out of the box to bury the leather under him. Thus, Gregoritsch’s chest acceptance does not end up on his slap, but in the gloves of the Augsburg goalkeeper.

  • 5.


    A little later, the hosts again come dangerously in front of the box: this time Iago is the addressee of a flank from the right half, but because he goes too energetically against atubolu, offensive foul is whistled against him.

  • 3.


    A great opportunity for FC Augsburg! After the home team combines through midfield, Iago has the opportunity to take the lead in a half-left position in the Box. But just before he can finish, Ritsu Doan disturbs him decisively when receiving the ball, so that Iago stumbles when finishing. The not optimally hit Ball hits the right outside post flat!

  • 1.


    The referee of this game is Bastian Dankert. His assistants are René Rohde and Marcel Unger as well as Martin Petersen in the coaching zone. In the infamous Cologne cellar, Tobias Welz is the man for the tricky situations.

  • 1.


    The Ball is rolling! The FCA in white playing clothes opens the game and plays first in the direction of the visiting fans.

  • 1.



  • 19:25

    There are three changes compared to the success against Lens in Christian Streich’s Eleven and a special Comeback. Christian Günter celebrates his return to the starting eleven after half a year out of injury and replaces Jordy Makengo on the bench. For Roland Sallai and Kiliann Sildillia, Vincenzo Grifo and Michael Gregoritsch were also allowed from the start. Coach Christian Streich is somewhat ill with health, but will still be in the coaching zone today.

  • 19:11

    In addition to Mads Pedersen, who saw the red card last week in the match against Mainz after a Brutalo Foul shortly before the end and is suspended for the next three games, Jess Thorup also has to replace Jeffrey Gouweleeuw, who saw his fifth yellow card. He makes two changes compared to the defeat in the Rhineland. Maximilian Bauer starts for Jeffrey Gouweleeuw. In addition, Fredrik Jensen starts for Arne Engels, who was somewhat ill last week. “We have shown good performances in the last four home games, but unfortunately only managed two points against strong opponents. The respect for Freiburg is great, but now we want to score more points again. Freiburg comes to Augsburg with confidence. The fact that they had to go into extra time is not an advantage for us. We focus on our performance,” says FCA head coach Jess Thorup.

  • 19:00

    With the Bavarian Swabians, the Freiburgers travel to one of their favorite opponents. In the last ten duels between the two teams, they remained unbeaten and even won the last six meetings in a row. Most recently, there was a 2-0 success in the first leg thanks to two goals from Vincenzo Grifo and Philipp Lienhart. The last Augsburg victory against SC Freiburg dates back to September 2018. Alfred Finnbogason then laced a three-pack at 4:1.

  • 18:53

    Through a sensational Performance, the Breisgauers were able to fight their way to the round of 16 against RC Lens with a score of 3:2. After a 0-2 half-time deficit, Roland Sallai and especially Michael Gregoritsch, for whom today’s game is a return to the old place of Action, became heroes through their goals. In the league, things are rather mixed: for four games, Christian Streich’s Eleven has been winless and could only get one point in this period. A win tonight would be good for the Sports Club and its ambitions to play internationally again next year.

  • 18:44

    Last week, the Fuggerstädter drew against Mainz 05 with 0:1 the shorter one. Nevertheless, the cushion on the relegation rank with six points is still very comfortable and because of the 1. FC Köln could not win his game, today you have the Chance to expand it. After only one victory in the last nine Bundesliga games, the negative Series is to end today and a three-pack is to be added. Not an easy undertaking, because you have Europa League participant SC Freiburg as your opponent.

  • At the end of the 23. On matchdays in the Bundesliga, Europa League participant SC Freiburg is visiting FC Augsburg and does not want to lose the connection to Europe, while the hosts have the Chance to increase the comfortable cushion to the relegation Rank . In time before kick – off at 19:30, the Live Ticker and All information about the game will start here!

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