Gala with clear roles-DFB-Elf on the right track


Last Update: 24.03.2024 09: 22

The German national football team convinces with a victory in France and also impresses those concerned. National coach Julian Nagelsmann distributed clear roles and thus also starting places.

Several Fans of the French were in the 90th century. They were already on their way home, so they missed the moment to say goodbye to a player with applause. There was no one from their team – they had to listen to whistles during the substitution. It was Toni Kroos, whom they gracefully accompanied with applause from the court.

Deniz Undav was lucky not only to be at the stadium, but to make his debut for the German national team on the court. Almost ten minutes he played together with Kroos, about whom he then said: “I enjoy watching him play – and everyone should.” So in the manner all raved of “Peace of mind, which we had wished for.”, as captain Ilkay Gündoğan said.

Learned from the Basketball Players

Just as it sounded this evening after the 2-0 victory against France and also presented itself on the pitch, German football must be afraid and afraid of the time when Toni Kroos really stops and then finally. 

National coach Julian Nagelsmann had announced a few weeks ago in an Interview with the news magazine “Spiegel” that he wanted to learn from the German Basketball World Champions and would clearly distribute the roles for his players before the big tournament, in this case the European Championship in Germany.

Plan goes up

In Lyon, it was necessary to show for the first time whether this makes sense and is already bearing fruit. “I think it would be good if we stayed a little humble.”, gave Niclas Füllkrug to consider, who however dismissed any suspicion of being a professional person of concern: “Of course, I expected such a performance. It would be bad if we didn’t believe in ourselves.”

On the other hand, those concerned, who, according to the pitiful ideas, must have been in large numbers in the defeats against Turkey and Austria, must have been very surprised at how well the Plan worked on Saturday evening (23.03.2024).

“We knew that we needed a good residual defense against the counter-strong French” he said, and he saw it. When was the last time a German player was allowed to say that? Has it been months, maybe years?

Mittelstädt lacks experience at the highest level

Toni Kroos as resting pole, clockmaker, but also Ball accelerator, and Robert Andrich as the one who clears the back of everyone who is next to him and in front of him. In these roles, everything fit. With Gündogan, one or the other Pass missed the player, but it would have been bad with the necessary humility if everything had gone very well. This restriction also applied to Maximilian Mittelstädt as a left-back, who was a debutant in the national team and in view of only three games in the Europe League a few years ago the experience at the highest level is missing.

Young stars rotate across the field

This is different for the young stars Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala and Kai Havertz, who is only a few years older. With constant rotations, the German offensive players pulled the French defenders out of position, so that there were always spaces in which to pass or dribble.

In contrast to the unimaginative play of the Vice-world champion, who tried to push the Ball with good wishes to his two arrow-Fast outs Kylian Mbappé and Ousmane Dembélé, only to then say goodbye to them in a dribble with best wishes.

A more mature German game

The German game seemed much more mature. “I’m not disappointed with the French game. I am not entitled to do so, and I shall leave it to my colleague, Didier Deschamps. And that would only diminish our performance.”, Julian Nagelsmann said at the end of a working day for which he had demanded, “just good to kick”.

This has been achieved, so impressively that those with concerns and optimists alike will now be watching the match against the Netherlands, which will be kicked off on Tuesday in Frankfurt. The team will play mostly in the lineup, as they did in Lyon. The roles are distributed, “we left in time for home.”, said Nagelsmann. Looks like he found his way.

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