FC Bayern Munich: crisis has an impact on the DFB team

Last Update: 15.02.2024 11: 11 Am

FC Bayern Munich and the German national team want to celebrate great successes this year. But the players who are supposed to contribute are stuck in the depths of form.

Jamal Musiala could only be sorry. When the German national team failed in the group stage at the 2022 Winter World Cup in Qatar, he was the outstanding player in the DFB Team, but also the tragic figure. He was the linchpin of the offense, had the most completions, but failed again and again to the opposing goalkeepers or several times to the aluminum. “I will process this experience in the coming weeks and use it to learn from it“, he announced afterwards.

Musiala was already considered one of the greatest talents in the world before the tournament, and much more afterwards. But since then his rapid rise has faltered. In the 13 months after the painful Qatar experience, the 20-year-old only managed to score 19 goals at FC Bayern Munich – in the shortened preliminary round before the World Cup, there were still 22 in significantly less than half of the official matches. But with this personal creative crisis, Musiala is far from alone at FC Bayern. And that should also be of great concern to the DFB.

Bavaria’s creatives are more harmless than ever

The 0-1 draw with Lazio Rome in the Champions League once again showed that the Form of the Munich players is currently far from their normal. In the Bundesliga, the record champion had previously been without a chance at Bayer Leverkusen (0:3) and had probably the lowest Expected Goals value (0.27) since this statistic was recorded. In Rome, the Bavarians did not even shoot at the goal once. The clear conclusion: The Creative Center of Thomas Tuchel’s team is currently not one.

This also applies to the German national team. Because in Rome, Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Leroy Sané, Musiala and Thomas Müller were five players in the starting eleven, who will also be decisive for the finish at the home European Championship. But according to the current state of affairs, national coach Julian Nagelsmann would rather be a support for these players before they could support the DFB team.

Musiala plays “a very important role” in the DFB Team

Musiala in particular is the great EURO hopeful for the former Bayern Coach, whose contract with the national team only runs until the end of the European Championship. “He knows that he has a very important role. The hopes that Germany places in him should not crush him, but make him proud“, said Nagelsmann in September. Under the 36-year-old, Musiala had blossomed in the club a year before, brought the defenders to despair in rows with his dribbles. Under Tuchel, that changed in Munich.

Jamal Musiala

Our game is so fucked up“, said Müller after the bankruptcy in Leverkusen. And Musiala is the best example of this. He and his Bayern colleagues lack lightness-even to Nagelsmann’s chagrin. Because he knows: the DFB Team can only be successful if the National Players of FC Bayern show Top Performance.

Kimmich and Goretzka in Tuchel-deep

The fact that the head currently also plays a role in Kimmich is undeniable. Best example: before the Bundesliga top game in Leverkusen, he was injured, but managed to get fit again in time – and then sit on the bench. “I have done everything in the last two weeks so that I can come back quickly and healthy and to play today, of course, from the beginning. At the end of the day, the coach makes decisions that we players must accept“, said The disappointed Kimmich.

Like the 29-year-old, who is repeatedly criticized this season, Leon Goretzka often has problems at FC Bayern under Tuchel. At the beginning of the year, the midfielder, the nail man once had to be considered a “the best Box-to-Box Player“, also with a Joker role preference. Now Goretzka is a regular player again, but apparently without rhythm and confidence – and just like Kimmich, not in shape either.

Sané-Rätsel und Müller Performers

This also applies to Sané, although in his place the explanation for this is much more difficult. In the final round, the right winger excelled, he scored eight goals in the league and prepared as many. In the new year, there are only three Assists in six games – and a disappointing performance in Rome. How much the current Phase gnaws at him was shown after the third goal in Leverkusen, when Sané knocked over a goal camera with full force.

Musiala without lightness, Kimmich and Goretzka without rhythm , Sané in the power hole-and Müller? The veteran is currently proceeding mainly verbally, said after the Rome defeat:”The second half was marked by uncertainty. That was almost Slapstick, as we saved ourselves from one mistake to the next.”But: even Müller currently does not bring the performances that a Team can support. Neither FC Bayern nor the DFB Team.

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