FC Bayern in the title race: 8 points behind Leverkusen

fc bayern in the title race 8 points behind leverkusen

Status: 19.02.2024 13: 08

Bayer Leverkusen is eight points ahead in the Bundesliga. Such a big lead after the 22nd week. Matchday has not yet played a leader. Series champion FC Bayern is primarily concerned with its own crisis – has the title race already been decided?

If there was still evidence that Bayer Leverkusen is currently the biggest number in German football, it would be this news from England: the Portal “Footballinsider“reported on Monday morning, from” well-informed sources ” that the FC Liverpool in the summer Leverkusens wants to sign a successful sports duo. In addition to coach Xabi Alonso, who has long been considered the candidate of choice for the succession of Jürgen Klopp, Sports Director Simon Rolfes is also expected to join the “Reds“come on.

Leverkusen continues on course for first championship title

Both then possibly as Master makers – because the prospect that Bayer Leverkusen will actually win the title for the first time this season has become a bit more realistic after the last matchday. After the next, irritating FC Bayern’s bankruptcy on Sunday evening at VfL Bochum Leverkusen’s cushion at the top has grown to eight points.

An eight-point lead after 22 matchdays has never been squandered

Such a large lead after the 22nd century. Matchday has never given away a leader in League history. Stuttgart was seven points behind in the 2007 championship after finishing 26th. In 2009, Wolfsburg was on the 18th of July. Eleven points behind and still stormed to the title. Most recently, Borussia Dortmund lost a big lead in the second round of the 2018/19 season. FC Bayern folded after the 20th season. Matchday with seven points behind the Dortmund, but in the end took the Cup with a two-point lead.

So far, these are nothing more than nice statistics – because the current leader from Leverkusen continues his course undeterred. The long-awaited slump by many, keyword “Vizekusen”, remains so far. After the clear 3:0 against FC Bayern, apparently a real impact for the Series champion, Bayer 04 then also solved the tricky test with the stable climber 1. FC Heidenheim. With patience and increased confidence in your own quality, as you would expect from a sovereign leader.

With 32 competitive matches without defeat, Leverkusen has now even set a Bayern record. At the moment there are no signs that the Team could fall away from the faith – and in the end the old Unterhaching Trauma strikes again. But the pressure will certainly increase in the coming weeks, if only because of the even greater drop this time: if Leverkusen does not win the title now, then probably never.

Goretzka on Bayern’s title Chance: “doesn’t feel like it right now”

And FC Bayern, have the Munich team already ticked off the Championship? “Right now it doesn’t feel like we have another Chance, you have to be very clear about that“, said Leon Goretzka at the Sportschau microphone after the 2: 3 defeat in Bochum. “We will not give up“, Goretzka added. Basically, bring it.”probably nothing at the moment“, to deal with the question of the title.

The people of Munich, according to the embassy, are currently primarily concerned with their own crisis. The renewed system crash in Bochum confirmed the alarming state of the team, the open dispute between Joshua Kimmich and assistant coach Zsolt Löw after the game served as further evidence.

Job guarantee for Tuchel – but for how long?

The most disturbing Signal, especially for the coming, decisive weeks of the season, is that the coach also seems tired – and increasingly perplexed. Thomas Tuchel spoke in Bochum, as after the bankruptcy against Lazio, of an “unfortunate” defeat.

CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen gave Tuchel a job guarantee for the time being. The coming weeks will show how strongly this is based on conviction – or rather on the fact that no real alternative candidate is currently available. An away in the round of 16 of the Champions League, Against A anything but terrifying Lazio, would change everything. The pun-loving English tabloid “Sun” wrote of “TUC – HELL”-and already thinks the Bayern Coach is in hell.

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