dominic thiem its now or never

Dominic Thiem, it’s now or never

dominic thiem its now or never

The situation of Dominic Thiem it’s borderline. The Austrian tennis player, winner of a Grand Slam in 2020, could considering withdrawal in case of finishing the year close to the 100th place of the ATP, as he has assured the medium Der Standard.

A unique tennis player

Thiem became number three of the world just four years ago and aimed to be a player who would mark a decade in elite tennis, with a one-handed backhand less and less used. The Austrian tennis player not only did he win the 2020 US Open, but he three Grand Slam finals and conquered 17 titles in five years.

The doll that broke everything

In 2021, at the Mallorca preparatory tournament for Wimbledon, Thiem injured his wrist., a very delicate area for a tennis player. Since then, the Austrian had to face the challenge of returning to the elite after long months of recovery and changing the grip of his forehand. The latter was the hardest. The quintessential coup of Dominic he became less offensive and that affected his confidence.

Close to 100th place in the ATP

“It’s been two years since the injury and I finished 100th or so in 2022 and 98th in 2023. If I finish the year as number 100 i’ll have to consider if this is worth it” says the tennis player. The objective of the Austrian is to finish 2024 among the “fifty best” since he defends few points in the tournaments he played last year.

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Changes in the staff

Just two days ago, Thiem he announced that he changed the coach, separating from the German Benjamin Ebrahimzade, with whom he had been less than a year. Now it’s up to him to change his future.

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