DFL – Investor-Stuttgart’s president calls for a repeat of the vote

Last Updated: 07.02.2024 13: 19

Claus Vogt, President of VfB Stuttgart, has called for a repeat of the vote on the entry of an investor in the DFL.

“Our understanding of democracy – also in football-should be: the majority decides”, Vogt wrote on Network X: “But if it cannot be ensured that a democratically concluded voting result is correct, it should be discussed with each other in the interests of democracy and in the interests of our football whether a new, transparent vote of all 36 clubs in the DFL is necessary. I mean: yes, it is necessary!” VfB Stuttgart had voted in December for the entry of investors.

According to information from the Sportschau, at least one other First Division club besides VfB Stuttgart had previously spoken out in favor of a repeat of the vote and addressed this proposal in an open letter to the other clubs in the Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga.

Possible” yes ” of Martin Kind caused controversy

In recent weeks, it has played in numerous stages of the Bundesliga, the 2. Bundesliga and the 3. League protests are given by organized fan Scenes Against The Investor entry. In addition to the general criticism of the commercialization and a feared influence of the Investor, Fans also criticize the conduct of the vote on September 11. December 2023 in Frankfurt. The necessary two-thirds majority came together with the smallest possible amount of Yes votes.

Among the 24 votes of the 36 DFL clubs for the entry of investors was presumably that of Hannover 96. In this case, managing director Martin Kind would have acted against the instructions of the parent club Hannover 96 e.V., which fan scenes criticize as undermining the 50+1 regulation. Child has not yet revealed how he voted.

In January, the Alliance Fanszenen Deutschland had already called for” a new vote under complete transparency and compliance with the 50+1 rule”. The DFL has not yet publicly commented on the protests. In December, the league Association described the decision as “effective and lawful”.

Osnabrück calls for the abolition of secret ballots

Michael Welling, managing director of the Second Division VfL Osnabrück, announced in the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” a request to the DFL to abolish secret ballots in the DFL – with the exception of electing people to office. “This is the only way we can formally guarantee that the club representatives in DFL votes implement the Will of the club and members and act in accordance with the idea of 50+1,” said Welling. The vote, in connection with the narrow result, “was not helpful for acceptance”.

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