how long is the coffee break during the working day

How long is the coffee break during the working day?

how long is the coffee break during the working day

The coffee break she is sacred in a lot of jobs. It represents a respite in the middle of the work activity and we take for granted that it is included in the working day, without the need to recover later. However, we could all be wrong regarding this issue.

What is the maximum limit of daily hours we can work

According to the Workers’ statute, it is legal that we are sometimes asked to extend the working day because there will be others in which we pay less. The really important thing is that we do not exceed the 1,826 hours and 27 minutes at the end of the year.

For part-time employees, the maximum duration of the day it is calculated by applying the contract bias coefficient to the legal limits. It is also possible that the company distributes the working day irregularly, so the hour count does not necessarily have to be from January 1 to December 31.

In addition, while the daily hour limit for minors is at eight hours, in reality for adults the maximum daily hours is set at nine. With this question there are two aspects to take into account: if we work 9 hours for 4 days and on the fifth we do 4 it would be possible, but they must always elapse at least twelve hours between workdays.

Breaks during the working day

By law, we can’t work more than six hours straight, so we should have at least one break in the daily working day. The agreement allows us to stop for a minimum of fifteen minutes, but in the case of underage workers, they must rest for thirty minutes every four and a half hours of work.

Is it necessary to make up the time of the coffee break?

Unless it comes out in the contract, coffee breaks are not considered as effective working time, so they would have to be recovered. However, most often it is that the company calculates those minutes as worked, so it would not be necessary to recover the time invested in the coffee.

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