Comeback in the DFB Team-Toni Kroos-The Return of the Gamechanger

comeback in the dfb team toni kroos the return of the gamechanger

Last Updated: 19.03.2024 15: 09

Toni Kroos is back with the German national football team and feels ready to take on a leadership role in the DFB Team at the home European Championship.

Julian Nagelsmann has already achieved one thing with the appointment of Toni Kroos. More is being said about the national team. And not about political Statements and jersey Designs. But about basic, footballing things like tactics and line-up. And this is three months before the start of a home European Championship, which should spark enthusiasm in large parts of the country if possible, but is so far rather under the Radar.

But now there is Kroos, one of the few remaining German World stars. A real game changer, just in terms of the perception of the national team, which after a series of botched tournaments is dragging around an image problem.

I also didn’t think I would sit here again“, said the 106-time International on Tuesday (19.03.2024) at the press conference on the DFB Campus. Kroos had his last appearance in DFB Dress in the 0: 2 defeat in the European Championship Round of 16 against England, which also meant the end of the tenure of national coach Joachim Löw.

Kroos: “I want to help the team”

For the decision to return, he took his time and weighed many things, Kroos revealed. With Julian Nagelsmann he is “fast on a wavelength“had been. “We talked a lot about how to be successful again“, so Kroos. In the end, he had the desire to help the team at a home European Championship. It’s about showing off.”whether Germany can play a better tournament than many assume in the country. Perhaps rightly so, after the last performances.”

Nagelsmann’s Plan with Kroos

The National Coach, this allowed Kroos to see through, promised him a permanent place in midfield in the talks. Even at the announcement of the squad, when the comeback of Kroos was established, Nagelsmann praised the “incredible Spür ” and the experience of the game manager of Real Madrid: “He can be a brilliant connection player between offense and Defense.

Anyone who still writes about” Querpass-Toni ” unfortunately has no idea about football, said Nagelsmann, thereby also giving one to the numerous critics who had encountered the director’s style of play in the past, including industry greats such as Uli Hoeneß.

Kroos: “don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore”

As a reporter Kroos reported at the PK, Hoeneß had now also commented positively on Kroos‘ Comeback in the national team. Kroos dealt with this as routinely and calmly as the criticism from the past from certain parts of the Football Business. He had made his peace with it, Kroos said, he no longer had to prove anything to anyone. For the decision to return to the DFB Team, the “Acting people at the national team” were decisive, “no opinions from outside”.

Gündogan on Kroos Comeback: “we want to prove it to the critics”

The fact that Kroos can help the national team at the European Championship is convinced not only by the national coach, but also by the captain. Nagelsmann had even contacted him and got the Okay whether he should bring Kroos back, Ilkay Gündogan revealed in an Interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. He immediately agreed that he had never had a problem with Kroos, Gündogan said, on the contrary:”We want to prove to the critics that we can fit together and leave our mark on the German game.

Kroos next to Gündogan-and who’s behind it?

Gündogan himself thus addressed the debate, which the national team is now likely to follow into the tournament: what impact the return of Kroos will have on the tactical orientation, especially on the Statics in central midfield. Both have great similarities as a player type, are outstanding technicians and creative players. Gündogan has been given a more offensive role in the national team by the National Coach. Kroos, on the other hand, is now playing a somewhat more defensive Part at Real Madrid, but as Gündogan noted in the “SZ”:”None of us is a real dueling Monster.

A lack of “Workern“Nagelsmann had also found a large construction site in the DFB team after the last sobering Test matches. If the national coach were to plan in the headquarters with Gündogan and Kroos, the two fine minds of the Spanish World clubs, then it would actually be necessary to secure a “Working six”: a classic sweeper who is first there to keep the offensive strategists free.

Most recently, Pascal Groß, who has taken an amazing development in Brighton in this Position, seemed to be the favorite of the national coach for this. But the reliable Robert Andrich also played in the foreground in Leverkusen this season. In addition, Nagelsmann called up 19-year-old Alexander Pavlovic for the upcoming international matches against France and the Netherlands for the first time, who is on the verge of establishing himself as a sixer at FC Bayern. However, Pavlovic had to postpone his possible debut in the DFB jersey due to illness.

The new DFB midfield-where does Kroos play?

Of course, Kroos should also comment on the tactical planning Games in the German midfield. He first pointed out that for a good Game Center, the overall structure must be right, which “the right Mix of players who bring all facets: security, aggressiveness, but also offensive creativity“. But then he also spoke of the successful model at Real Madrid, with a fixed distribution of roles between the playmaker in the Front, an eight and a six. Transferred to the possible new basic alignment in the German midfield, this could well be interpreted as the fact that Kroos was located behind the tenth Gündogan on the eight – with another hedge behind.

Template provider for Musiala and Co: “can give us a lot of joy”

What Kroos brings to the DFB Team, which has changed in many positions, is his great experience. He raved about the new wingers on offense like Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala. He also sees it as his job to put these players in the right Position, “then you could give us a lot of joy“, soft croissant.

The veteran is one of the few leading players in the rejuvenated DFB team who are older than 30 years, alongside Gündogan, the eternal Thomas Müller and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. That is also why Kroos feels ready to take on a Supporting Role again:”It’s no secret that it helps to have players who have already played three or four tournaments.“Someone like Toni Kroos.

National Team Dates
23.03.24 France Lyons
26.03.24 Netherlands Frankfurt
03.06.24 Ukraine Nuremberg
07.06.24 Greece Mönchengladbach
14.06.24 Scotland Munich (EM)
19.06.24 Hungary Stuttgart (EM
23.06.24 Switzerland Frankfurt (EM)

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