National coach Nagelsmann: Germany is not a “top nation” in football

national coach nagelsmann germany is not a top nation in football

Last Update: 23.02.2024 15: 03

The comeback of Toni Kroos as leader, the reinstatement of Joshua Kimmich as “servant” and a disastrous testimony for the entire national team: in an extensive Interview with the news magazine “Der Spiegel”, national coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke with pithy words about his ideas for EURO 2024 in Germany.

In addition to the relentless analysis of the situation of the Football Nation or the one or the other blow against his former employer FC Bayern Munich, Nagelsmann gave insights into his soul life after the suicide of his father.

“I often think back to that day.”, told the 36-year-old nail man. “That was hard. My dad did not leave a farewell letter, there was no explanation.”

Loss of father at age 20 by suicide

He had a very good and close relationship with his father, whom he lost at the age of 20. His father instilled in him a love of mountains and nature. Because his father worked for the Federal Intelligence Service, he was not allowed to talk to his family about his work. “He was brave. He had to make decisions again and again in his profession in the knowledge that the whole Plan could also go down the drain. “The worst thing in life is not making decisions.”, soft nail man. 

Perhaps-as the youngest German national coach sounds-his father’s traits will now help him in his own professional life on the often merciless Show stage of Professional Football. “I think I took a lot from him. As a coach, I don’t worry so much about what people think of me or my decisions.”, said Nagelsmann.

“A-National team I’ve been on the Sports floor for years.”

Decisions – even unpopular ones – must now be made by the national coach in series. Nagelsmann classifies the sporting situation as precarious. “The A-national team has been on the ground for years. There was nothing that could feed the hope that we would get to the semi-finals.”, said the coach. What a wad for his staff.

The Return of routine Kroos (34) as the second Rio World Champion after Mats Hummels (35), whom Nagelsmann reactivated in October, will not remain the last personnel measure to save the hoped-for Summer Fairy Tale Part II. “We don’t have to invite ten new players, but one or the other will probably not be nominated, which many think is safe.”, soft nail man.

Possible Prank Candidates? He did not name them. But actors such as Niklas Süle, Leon Goretzka, Julian Brandt or Jonas Hoffmann or possibly also Old Master Thomas Müller are forewarned. After the bitter Test defeats in November against Turkey (2:3) and in Austria (0:2), a change of mentality must take place.

After that, he realized that he had imagined the job as a national coach a little differently. “Against Austria, we had seven or eight players on the pitch who define themselves more by their special abilities as footballers and less by a special mentality. We have to change this distribution at the starting eleven”, soft nail man.

“Everyone was very positive” about returnee Toni Kroos

Kroos should lead the way with his experience. His tendency to polarize repeatedly could be a risk. The National Coach is not afraid of hierarchical divisions. “I talked to a lot of players in advance and listened carefully to see if anyone could have a problem with Kroos. On The Contrary! All were very positive.”

Federal coach discusses status of “top football nation”

In principle, after three tournament disappointments with the group Knockout at the World Championships in 2018 and 2022 and the round of 16 at the European Championships in 2021, the time for a return is necessary. “We have to stop thinking about status. We talk to ourselves that Germany is a top football nation, although we have been experiencing failures for years. That way you don’t get back on track. We have to start working football again.”, Nagelsmann demanded.  As an ideal type, he named Pacal Groß (32) von Brighton & Hove Albion.

So in the EM Plan, he could be Kroos ‘ sidekick at headquarters. In addition to Kroos, Hummels, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (37), Captain Ikay Gündogan (33) or Niclas Füllkrug (31), he would be another player 30 plus in the same decade of life as the national coach. 

Kimmich als Right defender a “servant of the Land”

In addition to The Return of World Champion Kroos, the transfer of Kimmich (29) from midfield to the position of right full-back is also a Fix. Nagelsmann’s Words cannot completely blur the impression of a criminal transfer.

“With the national team you have to submit. You are a servant to your country. Kimmich is that”, Nagelsmann said of the Bayern professional, who has long since become the epitome of the 1995/96 Generation, which did not (so far) meet the high expectations. 

Basketball World Champion as a role model

Before the European Championship, the National Coach wants to give each player a clear requirement profile. As an example, he cited the National Basketball team, which sensationally became the world champion in 2023. “They did an outstanding job and I will take over this clear division of roles. It helps if every player knows exactly what he’s up to.”, soft nail man. 

Basically, he defines an EM success not only in terms of placement. “But I think if we make four or five good games, tear ourselves apart, but then go out in the quarter-finals against a top nation, it can still be a good European Championship for football Germany.”, soft nail man. 

Tests in March against France and the Netherlands

The last Test matches before the squad nomination will be played on 23 April. He played in France on March 16 and three days later in Frankfurt against the Netherlands. Two more Tests are planned immediately before the European Championship. In the tournament, the DFB Selection will face Scotland as hosts in Group a (14. June), Hungary (19. June) and Switzerland (23. June).

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