Benjamin Best – “the winners are the Fans”

benjamin best the winners are the fans


Last Update: 21.02.2024 23: 06

DFL’s planned Investor Deal has failed miserably. And the Fans emerge as winners from one of the most serious crises in German Football. A comment by Benjamin Best.

By Benjamin Best

I can only shake my head. The DFL-the merger of the 36 clubs of the Bundesliga and 2. Liga – according to its own statements, it faced one of the most important decisions of German Professional Football: What strategy will it take into the future?

In the end, the league also failed due to its own inability. So communicate important plans transparently and clearly. Many things are reminiscent of processes that often occur in the football world: backroom Deals and secret agreements.

DFL causes one of the biggest crises in German Football

Their own officials have caused one of the biggest crises in German professional football. The consequences are not exactly foreseeable today.

It is clear who the winners are. It is the football fans who have been protesting for weeks with tennis balls that an Investor is allowed to enter. It is those clubs that have come to the realization that it makes no sense to enforce important decisions against the Will of the members and Fans.

Is the DFL still a more trustworthy Contract partner?

DFL now has to get the money it needs for further development and better International Marketing from other partners.

But a league that only after massive protests withdrew a completely opaque decision, which was also at least questionable under antitrust law, will have to ask itself many questions. One of them will be: after this fiasco, can you still be a trustworthy contractual partner in the future?

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