belarra denounces the judicial dictatorship of garcia castellon and points out the extreme weakness of the government

Belarra denounces the “judicial dictatorship” of García Castellón and points out the “extreme weakness” of the Government

belarra denounces the judicial dictatorship of garcia castellon and points out the extreme weakness of the government

Podemos hardens its speech against the judges and challenges Pedro Sánchez to choose between “the democratic majority or the judicial dictatorship”, a term that he has directly attributed to the judge of the National High Court Manuel García Castellón, after the setback suffered by the amnesty law on Tuesday and the court proceedings of the last few days.

In these terms, the general secretary of the formation, Ione Belarra, spoke in her speech prior to the State Citizen Council (CCE), where he pointed out that this week the Executive “has exhibited a extreme weakness at a time when the right is rearming around amnesty” after “losing a key vote.” “We Have a government where only the PSOE rules, without an ideological compass none,” Belarra has reproached, in a criticism also directed at Yolanda Díaz, who is accused of bending to socialist theses.

The leader of Podemos, who in the same speech has anointed Irene Montero as a candidate for the European elections, thus places Junts within the “democratic majority” after Carles Puigdemont’s party returned the rule to the Justice Commission for the ‘no’ of the PSOE to support its amendment so that terrorism would also be amnestied. An amendment that was also not supported by Podemos, which now he blames the socialists for the fall of the norm.

“I am not the only one who thinks that the president of the government and the PSOE are taking too many risks thinking that in Spain only they rule and that they can govern with an absolute majority,” Belarra said. “It is crucial that we understand that we all need each other in this bloc,” he continued, warning that “this debate is not about amnesty yes or amnesty no, it’s about democracy or judicial dictatorship“.

Against García Castellón

At this point, the leader has used much of her speech to charge directly against the judge of the National High Court that investigates Puigdemont with possible crimes of terrorism“What Judge García Castellón is doing, which is nothing more than another position of the PP, is judicial dictatorship.” “This gentleman thinks he has the right to command more than the Parliament, than the representatives elected by the citizenry. It is very serious and a frontal attack on Spanish democracy.” “You can agree or disagree with the amnesty, but Parliament has the right to legislate, and all the Democrats have to find us there.”

The also former minister has warned that “the right-wing bloc is preparing a savage judicial offensive against the amnesty law, and in front of the absolutist judges who want to rule more than the Parliament, we Democrats have to stand united.” At this point, he has attacked the socialists for their management of the amnesty law: “We are facing a PSOE lacking any ideological clarity that has closed the agreement without any conviction, just because it needed the votes of Junts to govern.””We have a government where only the PSOE rules without any ideological compass.”

In relation to the meeting between Félix Bolaños and Esteban González Pons in Brussels to renew the CGPJ, Belarra has defended that “what the PSOE would like” is the “return to bipartisanship”, but has called for a choice between “democratic bloc or authoritarian right”. “The PSOE has to make a choice.”

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