Bayern legend Maier turns 80 – “Sepp” hopes for the 100

bayern legend maier turns 80 sepp hopes for the 100

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Sepp Maier celebrates his 80th birthday. Birthday. The goalkeeper Legend of FC Bayern is one of the most successful German footballers. The Jubilee reveals his greatest wish in the BR exclusive Interview.

By Nicole Hornischer

Josef “Sepp” Maier is the most successful German goalkeeper of all time. European and world champions, European and World Cup winners, four – time German champions and Cup winners: the Bavarian has achieved everything as a goalkeeper.

Maier: “I think of life and not Death”

Now Maier is celebrating his 80th birthday. Birthday-far from the Bavarian Homeland. The native of Lower Bavaria spends his day of Honor together with his wife Monika in Mauritius. “I’m not a big fan of partying, that’s why I’m leaving,” reveals the Bayern legend in an Interview with BR24Sport presenter Marianne Kreuzer. The “Sepp-Maier-Golftrophy”, an annually organized Golf Trip with him as a draft horse, is integrated into the Mauritius Trip.

The 80 years make him somewhat thoughtful: “the meter is getting shorter and shorter – but I still want to experience the 100. I don’t worry about Death – Life is so beautiful: I think about life, not Death.”

Legendary Bayern-Achse Maier-Beckenbauer-Müller

Maier is one of the icons of FC Bayern. From the 1963-64 season he was a regular goalkeeper with the Münchners. He played 473 Bundesliga matches for the Munich team, of which 442 were non – stop-in 13 seasons Maier did not miss a single match. He impressed with his control of the penalty area, his reflexes and his positional play. Because of his smooth movements, the former gymnast quickly had his nickname gone: “Cat of Anzing”.

Together with Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller, he formed the famous Bayern axis: the three shaped the successful years of FC Bayern in the 1960s and 70s and played a significant role in the rise of the later record champion. Together they became world champions in the Munich Olympic Stadium in 1974: it was “the most beautiful Moment” in Maier’s career. “There will be few World Champions. How many millions of footballers are there in the world? And maybe 100 will manage to become world champions.”

With Franz Beckenbauer as Team Manager and him as goalkeeping coach, Germany won the World Cup title in 1990-once again Maier was allowed to hold the trophy in his hands. The death of the “Emperor” in early January deeply affected him. “I knew Franz for 65 years. Franz was 14, I was 15, that’s when we met in our youth,” says Maier in an Interview with the German Press Agency. “Of course you grow together. That welds together. Franz and I have always gotten along great.”

After Beckenbauer’s death, Maier campaigned for a monument – it should stand next to that of Gerd Müller in front of the Allianz Arena. And when he should be no more, he wishes for a Statue of him next to him: “the axis must stay together!”

“Uli saved my life”

In 1979, the career of the exceptional goalkeeper ended: Maier received the most serious external and internal injuries in a car accident. He probably owed his life to Uli Hoeneß. The Bayern Manager at the time arranged for Maier to come to another clinic, where it was eventually determined that Maier was in mortal danger. “The Uli saved my life.”But after the accident, a return to the goal was no longer possible.

Maier nevertheless looks back on his career with satisfaction: despite the big names Beckenbauer and Müller, Maier managed to become Footballer of the year three times as a goalkeeper: “this is one of my greatest successes during this time with the big names in football – I am still proud of that today,” says Maier.

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