Bayer Leverkusen triumphs over Bayern Munich

bayer leverkusen triumphs over bayern munich

Status: 11.02.2024 00: 03 Clock

Bayer Leverkusen has clearly won the showdown in the Bundesliga with FC Bayern Munich. Especially in the first half, the record champion delivered an embarrassing performance.

Werkself from Leverkusen defeated the record champion on Saturday evening (10.02.2024) with 3:0 (1:0) and thus underpinned their favorite position on the Championship title. With the success, Coach Xabi Alonso’s team extended the lead in the table ahead of Bayern to five points.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel said after the match: “The last Punch was missing today. We were not dangerous enough and unfortunately we slept in two crucial moments and did not defend well enough.” A similar conclusion was drawn by the late substitute Joshua Kimmich: “On the throw – in, we punted and then had to run after the backlog. We did a lot at half-time, but we were too harmless offensively. We didn’t really think of anything.”

Bayern player Josip Stanisic, who was loaned to Leverkusen, led Bayer freestanding (18. Alejandro Grimaldo then completed a raid-like attack against advanced Bayern (49th Minute).). The final point was set by Jeremy Frimpong with a hit from a good 30 meters, when he shot from the right on the empty Bayern goal (90.+ 5) – goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was involved in a corner in the opponent’s penalty area and fell there.

Bayern dominate-but only for ten minutes

As usual, the Bavarians were dominant from the start. They seemed to want to dictate what was happening in the top game, which was kicked off somewhat belatedly by the “camels” thrown onto the field, which apparently succeeded.

But early on, Munich revealed unfamiliar insecurities and weaknesses that were familiar this season. Dayot Upamecano produced a candle during a defensive action, a little later the new one, who had become fit in time, hit a push off to the side. Leverkusen smelled Fuse at this stage and took advantage of that irresistibly.

Leverkusen’s Andrich pulls out the Bayern defense

First, Amine Adli failed in a counter to Upamecano. At the next corner, Leverkusen’s Munich back team plunged: Robert Andrich passed sharply from the left at the level of the five-meter line through the penalty area, Stanisic ran unmolested and unnoticed to the right Pentagon and from there heaped the Ball under the crossbar. Neuer had no chance here. Instead of cheering for his beautiful goal, the loaned Bayern player apologetically raised his hand, but was nevertheless celebrated by his fellow players.

The highly unsettled Munich, with Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller sitting on the bench at the start of the game, showed no resistance. Leverkusen’s Granite Xhaka could not be controlled by the South Germans and shone in this section of the game. The Bayern defense swam downright, Upamecano spat the Ball off Adli’s foot at the last Moment (40.).

No changes after the break

Only after Álex Grimaldo had made it 2-0 after a nice double pass with the pleasing Naham Tella with another powerful shot, the Bayern coach reacted and brought Kimmich and Müller. And immediately the Bavarian actions became more offensive. However, there were no opportunities for Munich.

But on the opposite side: the substituted Frimpong prevailed on the right and pulled away from an acute angle – the Ball passed the goal on the left.

Final stage: Bayer manages victory

In the closing stages, Alonso allowed his Team to act more cautiously, but without letting it become too passive. Always lurking on the counter, the Leverkusen were very compact defensively. So it was in the 88th. Minute Frimpong scored the 3-0 on the boot, but only hit the right post.

Munich simply did not find solutions against the bulwark, had no ideas and even less goal completions: the statistical value of the “Expected Goals” for the Bavarians was 0.27. A value not considered possible for Munich.

And: unlike most stadiums where professional football was played on weekends, no tennis balls flew onto the field during the peak Game. Leverkusen celebrated instead: “Oh, how beautiful that is!” In the end, Frimpong also scored when Neuer had left his goal for a Bayern corner.

Leverkusen now in Heidenheim, Bayern in Bochum

On 22. Matchday Leverkusen travels to Brenz for the 1. FC Heidenheim (Sa., 17.02.24, 15.30 clock), Bayern are guests at VfL Bochum during the day (18.02.24, 17.30 clock).

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