Away games are just such a Bremen thing

away games are just such a bremen thing

Last Update: 16.02.2024 23: 43

Third away win in a row: Werder Bremen won in the Football Bundesliga on Friday evening (16.02.2024) at the 1. FC Köln won. The difference was made by a Bremen Joker.

As Justin Njinmah in the 70th season. The 1:0 (0:0)-winning goal for Werder Bremen, he was not on the field for four minutes. For Njinmah, it was the fifth goal of the season. “That’s what the coaches gave me on the way: if I come in, I should decide the game,” Njinmah told ARD Radio. “The fact that it worked out so well is of course cool.”

In the table, Bremen now climbs to seventh place with 29 points, at least for one night. This also has to do with games that do not take place in Bremen. Away games are just such a Bremen thing. Against Köln, they won a Bundesliga match away for the third time in a row, which Werder Bremen had last achieved 42 years ago under Otto Rehhagel. Previously, Werder had also drawn twice in foreign stadiums.

For the 1. FC Köln it was also the end of a small series. Previously, Timo Schultz’s team had gone three times without defeat. “It wasn’t a good Bundesliga game., Schultz told ARD Radio. What his team’s game lacked that evening, he also noticed: “A little more conviction, more risk, more creativity.” After the twelfth defeat of the season, FC remains on relegation Rank 16.

The shot of Bremen’s Ducksch is missing centimeters

A better Start to the opening game of the 22nd century. Matchdays caught the guests from Bremen. Only a few seconds were played when Werder’s goalscorer Marvin Ducksch pulled out of the turn at the edge of the penalty area and narrowly missed the Cologne goal.

The subsequent repulsion was carried out by FC kurz – and that almost got revenge, because Max Finkgräfe lost the Ball. In the end, the Ball landed again at Ducksch, who this time aimed precisely at goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe (1.).

Cologne and Bremen have little to do with the Ball

The Kölners often had the catch-up in these first scenes of the match. That changed afterwards, the game was now a balanced one – however, it was not a good football game. Duels piled up, but Ball losses and other inadequacies also piled up.

Both teams hardly had any chances. Werder Bremen had the two Ducksch degrees, FC will remember at most a shot by Jan Thielmann. Thielmann, playing again as a central striker, shot past the goal from the penalty area boundary on the right (33.).

Protests also in Cologne: “don’t let us control remotely”

As referee Daniel Siebert called the game in the 55th minute. Minute interrupted because parts of the Cologne fan scene protested against the DFL’s investor plans, their concern was a serious one. His Protest was creative. Not only did they throw tennis balls, somehow they had also gotten remote-controlled toy cars onto the lawn. They also placed a Banner on it.: “We do not allow ourselves to be controlled remotely.”

Subsequently, football was played again, even if the few scoring chances were rarely played out. They often arose rather by chance, as in the 61st century. Werders Ducksch flanked a corner into the penalty area, where Köln’s Timo Hüber almost got the Ball into his own goal.

Ducksch also brought out the following corner, this time sliding across the sixteenth. Jens Stage was on the penalty spot, he did not take the Ball, but processed it with a Dropkick. That was challenging. He missed the goal by a good Meter.

In the case of Cologne, the assignment is not correct. Bremen’s Njinmah thanks

When a goal fell, the creation suited this game. Bremen’s Mitchell Weiser had a lot of time on the right side, no one bothered him at his flank. In the Middle, Cologne’s goalkeeper Schwäbe left the goal line and missed the Ball. So Njinman was completely free, he has already scored more difficult goals.

Bremen’s Friedl saves on the line

And suddenly it was no longer a boring game, it was now an open game. Köln took significantly more risks and almost got rewarded for it when substitute Justin Diehl pulled a corner onto the second post, where Weiser involuntarily headed in on his own goal. That would probably have been the equaliser if Werder’s captain Marco Friedl had not saved the Ball on the line.

Just before the end, it ran the 87. A Minute later, after a Cologne free kick, a controversial scene occurred. Bremen’s goalkeeper Michael Zetterer jumped high, but hit Cologne’s Luca Kilian with the knee in the back. The FC would have liked to get a penalty kick, but did not get it. Referee Siebert had not recognized a foul, even from the VAR there was apparently no contradiction.

For the 1. FC Köln goes on 23. Matchday on Saturday (24.02.2024) continues with an away game at VfB Stuttgart. At the same time, Werder Bremen is challenged in the home game against Darmstadt 98.

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