are the green bay packers fantasy footballs next powerhouse offense

Are the Green Bay Packers fantasy football’s next powerhouse offense?

are the green bay packers fantasy footballs next powerhouse offense

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Lions roar, Texans stampede, Cowboys cowboy | Sunday Night Blitz

Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab join forces to recap a wildly unpredictable start to Super Wild Card Weekend full of upsets and unexpected heroes. The duo start off with the Sunday games and the Detroit Lions’ curse-breaking victory over the Los Angeles Rams, as the Lions have provided every fan of a moribund NFL franchise with hope for the future. Earlier, the Green Bay Packers handed the Dallas Cowboys yet another devastating playoff loss, as Fitz and Frank aren’t sure if Mike McCarthy OR Dak Prescott will survive the onslaught of fan pressure that’s to come.
On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs got a gritty win against the Miami Dolphins, proving they’re tougher than people give them credit for. The Dolphins were never able to adjust the cold and invite a lot of questions heading into the offseason. The Cleveland Browns fell to the Houston Texans 14-45, as Joe Flacco came back to Earth and C.J. Stroud asserted himself as a truly elite AFC quarterback. The Texans’ one-year turnaround has been wild to watch, and they look like a team that’s ready to keep it rolling deeper in the postseason.
Fitz and Frank will return to recap Monday’s games on Monday night.


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